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Healer to Healer helps you do your thing easier and better, if your thing is helping others to improve their lives (no matter the method you use). Yes, we can each create win-win, evolutionary change in the world. How can we help you do that more easily?

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About Daria Astara

Daria-287-hueWhile working a fancy executive job in New York City, founder Daria Astara began exploring energy healing, a fairly weird thing to do in 1997. After much resistance, she finally took the plunge, expecting nothing, and was pleasantly surprised. Still not believing the positive results she was receiving (reduced allergies and asthma, less catching everything the kids had, more energy), she started taking classes to figure out how it was working. Eventually, she dropped over 1500 hours into studying energy healing and became a licensed massage therapist as well in Wisconsin, specializing in energy healing (she is no longer licensed).

Today, she considers herself a wordsmith by trade (writer, editor, marketing guru), and an intuitive/healer by calling. Daria’s gift is see­ing the innate gifts of oth­ers, and guid­ing clients and students to step beyond any inner blockages to activate and share those gifts in a big­ger, less stressful way. She helps change-makers to help others and change the world more effectively and easily.

Daria has created a healing model that applies to any method and explains how and why healing works, and is working on a book about it. Daria firmly believes every human — indeed every liv­ing being — is able to catalyze healing in others with an innate insight or talent that comes naturally. When shared, this gift cre­ates heal­ing for others and joy for the healer. She would love to help every­one find their healing “thing,” whose pos­i­tive poten­tial is much greater than they likely can imagine.

Daria works with multiply-gifted leaders and helpers/healers all over the globe. She walks her clients through exercises that allow them to permanently shed their baggage and traumas, get clear on their mission, and con­nect more effectively with those they can help. All work is cus­tom for each client. Daria lis­tens intu­itively to her client’s inner wis­dom and Potential and finds out how the client can most eas­ily and quickly achieve their goals. Then she guides the client through those steps. The arche­typal path of the healer is not easy, but Daria believes you don’t have to fall down as often or as hard as you think.

Dar’s Adventures into Her Own Healing

Daria Astara 2016

Once a quiet child full of questions, Daria has long been drawn to under­stand­ing the paradoxical nature of the universe, and how inner life relates to outer experiences. In 1997, during maternity leave for her second child from her position as Vice President of Marketing Communications at a New York financial firm, Daria found herself unexpectedly exploring the world of energy healing — drawn to it at the same time she was resisting “that crazy stuff.” Skeptical to say the least, Daria asked difficult questions. Not willing to lose out if there was anything to it, she also studiously tested and practiced the processes she learned while staying open to results going either way.

And work it did, much to her surprise. Next she set her sights on figuring out how to maximize her healing effects. After all, she wondered, if a client can heal in 10 sessions… why not 8? Or 4? …Or 1? After 20 years of deepening spiritual practice and meditation, while continuing to meditate, practice healing and channel almost daily, Daria now writes about and teaches healing. She also supports published authors, speakers, coaches, songwriters, workshop leaders, and teachers of healing.

As a healer to other healers since the start of her healing practice, Daria has insights into the professional development of healers, including the state of mastery, which she says few healers recognize in themselves. In 2008, she was dubbed “The Healer to Healers” and began building her business and website around that term. In 2013, Daria “downloaded” a new form of consciousness healing (not dualistic energy healing, but deeper less stressful healing) called Clear Being, and she teaches that and works with her own client base.

Today, Daria speaks about self-development and positive possibility (with a sizable dollop of humor). She also teaches her simple model of healing, how to think like a healer, and how to achieve healing mastery.

Daria holds a BA in Economics from Cornell University (economics being the study of how we value human interactions, she loves to point out). She is the founder of the Clear Being self-evolutionary (aka healing) process. She is a con­tribut­ing author to the 2011 book Smart Women Live Their Why: How Women Entre­pre­neurs Are Liv­ing On Pur­pose and In Pas­sion and is working on her own books.

Daria lives near Madison, Wisconsin, with two remainig kids (with two others happily launched into the real world).


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