Do Your Inner Work

Healer's-Path-Stones-276-hueAre you being the real you? Are you living your dreams? Are you expressing your gifts as effectively as possible? 

If not, you can get help that clears the subconscious hangups that keep you stuck or in pain.

Step into your power. We offer cutting-edge, consciousness-based healing that works on specific issues. (No more hand-waving and hoping something nice happens.) Clear specific fears and traumas, clear your past and your pain.

Lose all that blocks healing from happening through you.

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Write and Heal

Dar_H2H_home2What is it about words that can reach into our past and transform what was? Writing is a powerful healing tool, one we use extensively here at Healer to Healer. Consider a retreat or writing group today, or have your book idea looked over. If it has to do with words and with healing, you'll find it here.

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Share Your Wisdom

GoldSwirlShare the wisdom you have gathered and your healing experiences with others in a concrete form. Get clarity on your message and write your book!
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As a healer and/or owner of a healing business, you look at the world a little differently, and you have unique needs. For instance:

Your whole being comes into play in your healing career. Yet the world comes at you on many levels. You are likely super-sensitive. You experience the world in ways others do not. You may struggle with the pain and powerful gifts of the wounded healer. And for a living, you help people change at very subtle levels in intimate conditions, where there are no secrets.

  • How do you manage and evolve beyond your own personal hangups, fears, and wounds, so they do not affect your clients or your business? 
  • How do you take care of a body/mind/energy system that is so sensitive... and that is one of the main tools you use in your healing practice, while avoiding burnout or harm?
  • How do you continue to develop the unique healing message and gifts within you, for the benefit of the world?

To be effective at your chosen technique, you need to develop the skills of a healer. These are not your average business skills such as accounting or salesmanship. Nor are they necessarily your healing technique, either. But healing skills make your technique and your business outreach that much more effective.

  • How do you develop skills not taught in most healing training or business development classes?
  • How do you develop your understanding of the healing transformation itself (and how to trigger or open to it) when most trainings focus only on technique?
  • As a business owner, how do you analyze how much a new method or piece of equipment can really create healing?

If you are strug­gling to find your place in the world as a healer, con­sider these Healer-to-Healer services:

Heal­ing Ser­vices for heal­ers, in per­son or by dis­tance. Clear what is hold­ing you back, cre­at­ing drama in your life, or inter­fer­ing with your busi­ness success.

  • One-on-One Coach­ing and Intu­itive Guid­ance for heal­ers. Daria knows heal­ers, knows their strug­gles and devel­op­ment path.
  • Mes­sage Devel­op­ment Con­sult­ing — Do you have a book on the back burner, or one you’d like to write? Let me put to work for you my orig­i­nal pro­fes­sional career as a pro­fes­sional Writer, Edi­tor, and Mar­ket­ing Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Executive.
  • Busi­ness Con­sult­ing Classes for build­ing a heal­ing busi­ness that fully sup­ports you and expresses your unique gift. If you feel scat­tered or drained by your busi­ness, this is the ser­vice for you!
  • Other Work­shops and Tele­sem­i­nars, as inspi­ra­tion arrives.

Healer to Healer Consulting Services was founded to provide sincere healers with the specialized resources that can help them become more effective and to build more effective and successful businesses. We provide education, skills and mindset training, and consulting services to help you heal yourself, evolve your healing consciousness, develop the unique skills of the healer, and create the most effective business for your healing gift. Our goal is to enable you to serve the Universe more deeply and easily via your healing Work. Our training is compatible with most healing methods (except those that inadvertently limit your ability to heal, of course) and most religions or spiritual approaches. We use simple everyday inclusionary language. Whatever your method, or if you own a healing business, you are a healer.

Welcome home, healer!

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