The Healer’s Path

The Healer’s Path

In over 15 years of helping healers walk this path, I have observed common obstacles and common high points, common struggles and their solutions. Unfortunately, precious few places in today’s modern society teach about or discuss this unique spiritual path! Most healing instruction today focuses on technique, even though technique is not exactly what
creates healing!

Additionally, many healers feel different or separated from those not walking the intense path of the evolving healer. As a result, these healers may try to appear “normal” or fit in. In doing so, they compromise who they really are, even putting their calling on the back burner — and often end up stuck and sick.

Too commonly I find extremely gifted healers bogged down in depression, struggling with their own healing issues (most of which stem, in one way or another, from not sharing their healing gifts, by the way), dealing with life drama, and unhappily holding a detested “day job” because they don’t understand how easily they can help others and live the core of their lives as a healer.

Meanwhile, the underlying healing gift languishes. But healing gifts are a constant FLOW, and when not used properly, the energy of these gifts can backfire and create all kinds of trouble.

I don’t believe healers should suffer. It is not necessary to healing, though turning suffering into healing is the wounded healer’s most powerful gift. Healing helps the world evolve in consciousness. It is possible to LOVE your life and DO your healing work, at the same time.