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I. Bio: Founder, Daria Boissonnas

II.  Photos: Daria Boissonnas

III.  Daria’s Speaking Topics for Conferences and Seminars

IV.  Interview Questions & Topics for Daria

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Daria Boissonnas is said:  DAR-ee-yah  BWAH-suh-nah.

I. Daria Boissonnas Bio

Since she was young, Daria Boissonnas has loved puzzles and mysteries and never grew out of asking “why”. Daria takes the spirit of curiosity and humor into all she does, and favors running left when everyone else hangs a right. At the same time she has always felt a powerful spirituality and sought a deep relationship with God. Today, as the founder of the Global Institute for Awakening, Daria’s life’s goal is to help as many people as possible to awaken their individual divine gifts and share them with the world, because sharing these gifts creates healing for everyone.

In her private coaching and healing practice at, Daria works with highly sensitive writers, artists, innovators and healers who have an important and transformative message to share with the world. She understands the ups and downs of their deep connection to Something Greater and helps them move through their dark nights of the soul and other struggles that come with living a physical incarnation. Daria’s ultimate goal is to help these healers make a meaningful living sharing their healing gifts through a business or career that also nourishes them as it serves as their core spiritual practice.

For over a decade, Daria worked professionally as a writer/editor and business marketing executive for a decade in New York City’s financial industry. To begin her second career as a healer and spiritual mentor, Daria learned over 1500 hours of training in over a dozen healing methods, including Awakening Healing, therapeutic massage, and Health Kinesiology. Early in her exploration of healing, she was guided to discover her own hands-on natural healing method, and is highly regarded as an intuitive. In college, Daria studied how humans value their own interactions and holds a BA in Economics from Cornell University. She lives with her family outside of Madison, Wisconsin.

Daria Boissonnas, Short Bio  (87 words)

Daria Boissonnas is a writer, consultant, and conscious healer. A former corporate drone and small thinker, in 1997 Daria ventured into the unfamiliar world of energy healing, initially seeking personal transformation. To her surprise, she soon recognized her life’s calling. Today Daria is passionate about helping intuitive, creative healers to live their gifts and change the world while avoiding burnout. Daria holds a BA in Economics from Cornell University and lives with her family in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. She can be found online at

Company Description: Global Institute for Awakening

The Global Institute for Awakening’s mission is to bring more healing, aka permanent positive change, into the world by helping members and fans to awaken and share their spiritual gifts. When shared, these gifts become healing for those who carry them and others.  GIA delivers guidance and practical tools to help its members and fans to heal their inner limitations and build successful businesses/careers that make a big difference in the world. GIA helps you understand the extraordinary process of healing and create it in all you do.

Download GIA’s complimentary “Trail Guide to Awakening Your Higher Guidance and Personal Power to Make a Meaningful Difference” at

II.  Photos


III. Speaking Topics

1) Are You a Healer?

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2) How to Think Like a Healer™

Daria pulls back the curtains on the unique mindset of a healer, a powerful approach anyone can use to bypass problems and create permanent positive change in the world.  She reveals exactly how to move into new ways of being and thinking–in any field–to create miracles and other improbable solutions.

Daria gives her audience powerful techniques to practice at home to ease into thinking like a healer.  These are the very techniques that allowed her and her clients to change their own chronic health issues and shift from depression and confusion into building the life of their dreams.

You will learn:

  • What makes a person a healer and how to tell if you are one
  • Exactly what is the unique process called “healing” and how it is completely different than positive change
  • Exactly what it is healers do — what ANY kind of healer does — to create healing
  • The #1 secret healers understand about problems that allows them to create such unlikely results.
  • Three ways you can start to Think Like a Healer™.

3)  Calling In Your Calling

Everyone has a spiritual calling, but it can be a source of confusion and fear.  Instead of suffering wondering about your calling, Daria teaches you to align with it to maximize your bliss and harmony.  You will learn:

  • Five common misunderstandings about the spiritual calling.
  • Everything you need to know about the nature of the calling (including whether you HAVE TO say yes or not).
  • Five ways the spiritual calling can show up in our lives.
  • Why our calling can seem like a challenge and how to shift it back into blessing.

Daria feels called to help the spiritually gifted deal with the “real world” and share their gifts of Awakening to help others.  This topic will leave your audience feeling relieved, uplifted, intrigued, and inspired.

IV. Example Interview Questions for Daria

About Healing

  • What is healing?  What is genuine healing
  • What does a healer do to create healing?
  • Why do you believe that every person on earth is innately a healer?
  • What can we do to heal ourselves better?
  • How do we become better healers for others?
  • You say there are three basic types of healer.  What are they?

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