Healing for Healers

Evolve Yourself through Healing

What do you wish were different about your life? Now think even bigger, and evolve with our healing to get there!

Don’t let life’s crises hurt your income or clients. Evolve beyond stress, strife and feeling bad. Experience our unique Clear Being self-evolution method. It’s permanent, powerful and easy.

One-on-One: Personal Attention and Custom Work

Do Your Inner Work Quickly and Easily:
Clear Being Healing and Coaching for Healers

If you are a conscious business owner, healer, speaker, coach, or artist who is ready for your next BIG leap forward, your fears and lack of self-confidence may be costing you too much! If you are your business, Daria specializes in helping you break through your inner glass ceiling and adjust gracefully to new heights. Discover your unique edge. Inspire your followers and fans. Think big, then think bigger and take the next step to an even more lucrative, happy life that more deeply fulfills your divine purpose. Tap Daria’s unique combination of these wisdoms:

♥ Healer for 15+ years, to help you quickly and permanently let go of deep old blockages, reconnect to your full potential, and feel vibrantly alive. If you’ve been underwhelmed with other healers, you have to try this!

♥ Specialist on healers and healing, familiar with the healer’s path and its pitfalls, to get you on track doing exactly what you are here to do, no distractions.

♥ Intuitive consultant who can prioritize your tasks/issues by inner priority. Daria talks with your body, your business, and your higher guidance, for brilliant, efficient and effective next steps. You receive precise timelined steps to your newly prioritized goals, straight from Spirit and your higher wisdom.

♥ Marketing and business consultant with 20 yrs experience, to help you get your gifts and message of healing to those who long to hear it.

♥ Spiritual mentor, to answer your questions and help you do your inner work as easily and cleanly as possible, so you can fulfill your divine purpose.

Free yourself of limitation and restriction. Be yourself with confidence. Destress, regain health, step into abundance, and live your most fulfilling and rewarding life.

By distance or in person. Packages available.

One-day Transformational Retreat with Daria

StonesReady to shift? Get it done in ONE day. Clear your biggest hurdles, break through your inner fears and struggles, clear the decks and don’t look back!

Afraid of speaking? Fear of success? Past trauma? Stuck and not sure why? Say goodbye to these troubles with a full day of healing and inner practices.

Peak performance the easy way. Be at your best.

Located in the southern Wisconsin area. Spa location or modest rural setting available.

Discover Your Calling: Hand Reading Analysis

Discover what were you born to do and how to fulfill your calling in the world.  It’s recorded in your hands!

Our hand analysis expert will spend a full hour with you interpreting what your hands say about your highest calling, your divine gifts, and how to surmount your natural obstacles.  Finally know why you are here and talk about how to achieve that.

You will receive a life purpose, life lessons, and a life school.

Your Questions Answered: Intuitive Readings with Daria

Sometimes you just want to understand. You need direction, advice, or to hear yourself more clearly. Find out how to expand your business, what book to write, and more specifics about your healing journey.

Intuitive since childhood, Daria has been helping healers like you for two decades to better hear yourself, your potential, and where you are being called.

Put your feet up and get some answers… and relief. (See healing, above, for permanent stress relief.)

Group Healing

four-handsA very cost-effective way to experience personal healing. Clear your consciousness, clear your energy. Classes opening in late 2016.

  • Erasing Early Trauma
  • Confidence for Healers
  • Opening to and Managing Intuition