Clear Wisdom Mentoring

Evolve Beyond What Is in Your Way


For over 15 years as an intuitive and healer, I have helped clients figure out how they can reach their dreams more quickly, with much less struggle, confusion, and delay.

For example, in a Clear Wisdom session you might discover:

  • What new, lucrative career, business, or product is already lurking within you, and how to step into it
  • Energy compatibility with prospective romantic or business partners (before you get involved)
  • How to energetically prioritize and simplify your “to do” list (and your life!)
  • How to optimize your exercise, sleep, and nutrition to maximize your wellness

When you ARE your business, fast and accurate troubleshooting can be priceless.

When you hit a bump in the road, Clear Wisdom can help you discover not merely how to fix it but how to move far, far beyond it — before you spin your wheels so much that you hurt yourself, affect those who rely on you (fans, clients, followers) and even damage your business’s bottom line.

Where are you losing power? In troubleshooting mode, a Clear Wisdom session can help you discover:

  • Why you are struggling in any situation, the inner hurdle you avoiding, and the easiest way to get it done
  • How to break down creative resistance or other blocks in your life
  • How to heal the past, permanently, and move beyond it to where you LOVE yourself and every moment of your life
  • How to survive life’s emotional rollercoaster by applying spiritual principles

In a Clear Wisdom session, the sky is the limit! Think big. Let the Universe guide us. Where do you dream of being? How can you get there most easily?

Super Cost-Effective

As one client pointed out, you could hire six separate consultants (paying six full fees) and sort out their conflicting answers afterwards.

Or you access these six wisdoms in ONE session of Clear Wisdom:

* An experienced psychic and empath — to access your Higher Wisdom, Divine Gifts, and Potential, and understand your situation more deeply

* Intuitive efficiency expert — 15 years of intuiting step-by-step “magic recipes” to help clients save time and money

* Life purpose or divine gift expert — my gift is seeing your unique gifts and how they are asking to be developed and shared for the greatest good

* Long-time healer and expert in shifting beyond resistance as well as transforming your life and body

* Background as a small business and marketing consultant with 20+ years experience (life-long, really, having grown up with an entrepreneurial parent)

* Knowledgeable mentor for the healer’s spiritual path for insights and perspective into your unique life journey as one who empowers others

Answers from YOUR Wisdom

No matter what you are struggling with, some part of you, deep inside, always knows: (1) what is highest and best for you in the long run, and (2) how to reach those goals.

In a Clear Wisdom breakthrough session, we tap into exactly this part of you, the part that knowsAnd we discover how you can take the fewest steps with the least effort to create the most transformation in your life and your business.

Each session helps you save time, money, and anguish by optimizing your actions by aligning them to your resources and natural inner gifts.

As far as I can remember I have been extremely intuitive and empathic. For the last 15 years, I have used my natural skills to intuitively “converse” with my clients’ body energy and higher consciousness to get the answers they seek.  And I find that when we tap their inner wisdom, we can find the easiest, fastest ways to achieve the outcomes of surprising ease, effectiveness and joy.

One of my most popular services is helping clients prioritize their tasks (and goals) energetically, so they can get the truly important stuff done first, for the greatest good.

Sometimes, because we can be most blind to our most pressing needs, I may add goals that are missing to your list and help you get back on track, explaining why others may not be your spiritual focus right now.

Though not everyone wants to know, I can also help you understand why bad things are happening, and find those deep answers of why this happens to you and how to heal it.

If you are super-stuck, we can even do some healing work to shift you beyond your blockages.

When you are ready to take action, I give you the exact timelined steps to reach your goals as easily as possible.

In Clear Wisdom breakthrough sessions, you get:

* Magic Recipes: step-by-step custom, timelined actions steps to resolve your problems with the least effort

* Loving Mentoring: An understanding, insightful, supportive mentor (with a great sense of humor) who can help you see and love yourself easily, authentically

* Clear and Simple Guidance: Hop off that emotional rollercoaster by identifying the issues at hand and how to permanently clear them

Much More than Coaching

I don’t just cheer you on while you do what you were going to do anyway. Clear Wisdom breakthrough sessions are a unique type of consulting, based on guidance that comes from within YOUR energy and consciousness.

That means these steps not only help you improve your life but they advance you in your personal and spiritual development.

It also means the “magic recipe” action steps are often easier to take or bring greater results than my clients expected. Synergies appear, and efficiencies happen… that seem like, well, magic.

Over and over, clients say the results from these sessions more than pay for themselves. (Also, we have a lot of FUN!)

With whom do I work? I am amazed at the gifted professional creatives, intuitives, and healers that walk through my doors! My clients have BIG hearts. They are here to make the world a better place. People often rely on them to be strong role models.

And when these wonderful leaders, creatives and healers get stuck, they call me. (We don’t have to mention it to anyone.) 😉

Here are a few examples of recent sessions:

Client 1: An Established Personality and Service Business Owner. We discovered and outlined a new service for her business, one that tapped her natural gifts and inclinations — so it was easy for her, and in high demand. By reading her intuitively and getting her feedback to what I was seeing, we outlined the entire six-figure program as well as her first 3 months of major tasks. An easy start to serving more people more effectively.

Client 2: A Healer, Starting a New Business. In a half-session, a client from Australia called to ask why she couldn’t get her business off the ground. I saw she was disconnected from the one activity that most connected her with her spiritual Source and Supply: singing. We figured out exactly how she could get enough singing back into her life to make the difference and get her business unstuck. She was thrilled that it was so important for her to give herself permission to do something she loved.

Client 3: A Screenwriter and Artist. A professional screenwriter was having trouble selling a new movie he believed would be in demand. He had even consulted a few top psychics about why the script wasn’t selling, but none of them could figure it out. Within 5 minutes, I identified a weakness in his approach to pitching the script, which reflected a personal hangup or blind spot that he had. Once he saw it, he was amazed and said he could easily fix it.

Client 4: Small Business Owner. After her first healing session, she threw her abusive romantic partner out of the house. In addition to sending all his stuff back to him, she worked with me to identify everything they jointly owned that energetically belonged to him or was irreversibly connected to him, and she sent those items to him, too. She also continued to see me for monthly healing sessions. Though the relationship was over a decade old and she said this was the hardest thing she had ever done, the breakup was straightforward and clean.

Ready for Your Own Clear Wisdom?

Yes! I would LOVE a Clear Wisdom Breakthrough Session! I am ready to stop struggling, suffering, wasting time & money. I am ready to find the easiest path to a life I love!

Buy one session NOW for $397: 

(GIA member? Single sessions are available at a special member price to members of the Global Institute for Awakening: see your member page.)

After you purchase a session using the green button, you will receive an email with a link to make your own appointment right away.

At your appointment time, call me at the phone number given. It’s that simple.

Please do set aside 20-30 minutes after your session to digest the information and start planning and implementing!

NOTICE: We can get a LOT done in 60 minutes! To make the most of your session, please have a very long list of topics or questions.

Many Blessings to You

Whatever your goals or roadblocks, gifts or struggles, you are a powerful being. I deeply believe everything you need to be happy is within easy reach of you right now. And I very much look forward to helping you find it.

Until then, many blessings on your healing journey,

 Daria Boissonnas
Intuitive Consultant, Healer, and Professional Writer/Editor


What Clear Wisdom Clients Say…

Please note that your circumstances and results may vary, of course. In my experience, the most important factor for success after the deep insights of a Clear Wisdom session is a willingness to take action and try your action steps. Life is one grand experiment — how wonderful can you make your life?  xo, Dar

AnnConvery pic“Excellent results”

“Daria is blessed with a formidable combination of bottom-line MBA strategy and an intuitive wisdom that is positively uncanny.  Our work has produced excellent results for both my businesses. Her insight, clarity and caring are better than rocket fuel.  Not only that — she’s fun.  If you get a chance to work with her, do not walk — run!”

Ann Convery
Creator of Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less™

“One of the most gifted healers”

“Daria is one of the most gifted healers I’ve ever worked with.  After being out of touch for years, I called Daria recently about some frustration I was having with my practice.  She was quickly able to zero in on the underlying issue, and gave me some “homework” to help me get unstuck.  The results were rapid and profound.

Dr. Jennifer Logan, DO
Osteopathic Physician
Cypress Natural Medicine, Palo Alto, CA

“Deepened understanding of my real work”

“I chose to do a Clear Wisdom Session with Daria because I was feeling completely tied up in knots and spinning my wheels when it came to moving forward in my business.   The session was a beautiful blend of deep spiritual knowing and practical business steps.  By the time we were finished, I had a brand new program outlined, specific self-renewal instructions, and a deepened understanding of the real work I am here to do on the planet. Daria’s intuition and guidance helped me get right back in the flow.  I cannot recommend these sessions highly enough!

Jennifer Bloome
Prosperity Alignment Healer and Fertile Business Sage


“Daria‘s understanding of healing and the human spiritual journey is astounding and deep.  She knows where we fall down and how to get back up again easily.  In person, Daria has a magical way of seeing your gifts and knowing the easiest, fastest way you can get them out into the world.  Her insight and intuition is right on.  I highly recommend you work with her personally and get your hands on anything she produces!

Sheri McConnell
CEO, Smart Women Institute for Entrepreneurial Learning
Author, Smart Women Know Their WHY
Smart Women’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Learning

“Forever grateful”

“Daria is one of those women that I will be forever grateful for having in my life.  She has allowed me to trust my inner wisdom, to know my own strength and to believe wholeheartedly that I am on exactly the right path.
On a deeply personal level, Daria has helped me through physical and emotional pain. Her intuition is spot on and her gifts are extraordinary. She has taught me that by truly loving and trusting myself,  I can be the leader that I need to be to teach women to live up to their worth.”

Kiva Leatherman
Founder, Wise Women Network & Radio Host of “A Woman’s Worth”

“Spot on/highly recommend”

“I’m not exactly sure how she does it, but after a few minutes discovering where you’re stuck, Daria will identify exactly how to get you moving again.  She has an amazing ability to hone in on the energy of the options you are considering, and helps prioritize those that have the greatest potential.  She also identifies other options you may not have considered.

I called Daria because I was having trouble identifying my initial target market and fee structure.  Daria’s recommendations were spot on, and I was able to get moving in the right direction.

I highly recommend you contact Daria if you’re feeling stuck about something in your life — I guarantee she will help you get moving again in her loving, wacky, wonderful way!”

Cathy Catlin
Hospital Executive, Surprise, AZ

“Benefits are continuing”

Daria is a highly skilled, intuitive healer whose understanding of energy and transformation is unparalleled. I had the great privilege of experiencing Daria’s work a few times this year during a time of huge change and growth for me. The healing sessions with Daria were so supportive and integrating for me. The benefits are continuing months later. I feel very grateful to have had access to her work at this critical time in my life. Daria is also a fantastic writer and teacher and I highly recommend her books and classes. She is a healer to healers at the highest level.

Kimberly Schneider,  J.D., M.Ed., LPC
Spiritual Guide, St. Louis, MO

“Do not miss the chance!”

Daria is phenomenal. She has a clear and direct manner coupled with very much her own personal way to help you the client uncover and clarify your direction.  By seeing beneath the surface, she can sort through the “maya” and cut to the chase almost effortlessly in a way that directly impacts your whole life.

I went from, “Oh… I have a few design ideas for t-shirts,” to unraveling my own unique direction and purpose and creating the projects that reflect this.  And it all seemed to happen organically.  No tidal waves and no earthquakes… just a steady clear river.

So, my advice to everyone out there is:  If you have the opportunity to work with this woman and have her on your team…. do not miss the chance!”

Bonnie Tanaka
Owner, Bonnie Tanaka Design Studio
Graphic Design Instructor, Santa Monica College

 An Important Note about These Testimonials

We have made every effort to accurately represent our services and programs, and their potential.  The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.  Each individual’s success depends on many factors, including his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation, understanding, and implementation.  As with any kind of healing or consulting, it is impossible to guarantee specific or general results.  As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money or reach other goals as a result of your participation in any of our services or programs.