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What to do when your client says, “I can’t afford it”

If you’ve had a healing, coaching, or counseling practice for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard a client say about coming back or taking the next step, “Sorry, I don’t have the money for that right now.”  It kills the conversation about future care instantly.  What do […]


Healing, coaching and creating can be done abundantly

The Secret To Success for Healers  (from March 2008 Healer to Healer Newsletter) Are you doing what you are meant to do… and thriving?  Are you thrilled with every aspect of your career, office, family, and romantic situation? If you are called to healing, teaching or another form […]


Why is The Reconnection so expensive?

Dear Daria, At $333, why is your service “The Reconnection” so expensive?      Yours Truly,      Ms. Don’t Have Enough Dear Don’t, Yes, when I talk about The Reconnection with someone who is drawn to this work… well, sometimes it all changes when they ask, “How much?”   […]