Article Publishing Policy

Article Publishing Policy

jellybeanscloseupWish to use one of our own complete blog articles in your newsletter or blog?  Yes you may (if it is written by Daria and not one of our guest articles for which you should contact that author directly), by doing the following:

1. Include the byline “By Daria Astara” with the article.

2. Add this information at the bottom of the article, thank you:

(c) 2019 Daria Astara. Based on the philosophy of “healer, heal thyself,” Daria Astara founded to support other healers and helpers in their own challenging and often misunderstood journey, by providing support, resources and tools to build their resilience and healing skills. 

3. Finally, when you post our article, send a live link or copy to to let us know and so we can like it too.

If you need any more information, please reach us at  Thanks!