Three symptoms of being naturally psychic

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At this party, the psychic, Jonna, told us a little of her story of learning how she was so psychic.

And I nodded along because parts of her story was quite familiar to me. I thought I would share a few points here in case you are experiencing the same thing — you are not going crazy!  🙂

3 Symptoms — Have You Experienced These?

1. Not knowing. Ironically, neither of us knew we were psychic for many many years. All this “extra” information flooded in constantly. Because it was mixed in with the information that streams in through the usual senses, it was actually hard to differentiate as unusual.

2. No boundaries. Both of us report not understanding where we stopped and other people began. When you feel other people’s emotions as if they are your own and know things as if you are inside other people’s heads, it can be extremely confusing. I loved going to the ballet because I could feel them dancing as if I was dancing, without years of training, lol.

I could also feel other people’s emotions so easily that I had a hard time differentiating them from my own. Famousely, there was the boyfriend many years ago who, in hindsight, I believe now that what I felt was him falling in love with me. At the time, of course, I believed I was falling in love with him. He was a nice guy and we had a great time — I have no regrets, but it didn’t last long. He so wasn’t my type, lol.

3. Tired and overwhelmed easily. This point comes from my experiences, but I have heard it from so many of the healers and psychics I work with. As a result of not having boundaries in your energy fields or consciousness, you can get bowled over easily. You are super sensitive.

For isntance, I think my “body space” is about the size of a house, and when people are in it, I can’t concentrate. Going to parties or the mall or hanging with even the people you love can be emotionally overwhelming.

Related to this, since I was little I have felt overwhelmed when I look people in the eye. It’s ok with my family or good friends, but I can feel hit with a fire hose with strangers or people I’m not around much. Nonetheless I know eye contact is a social nicety and have trained myself to (most of the time) look people in the eye. And I have healed my vulnerabilities so it is less bothersome.  (By the way, interesting point: I don’t have this issue with many of the healers who come into my office! Love you guys!)

Unfortunately, too, many people around you may not understand that you both love them deeply and desperately need time to yourself. You need to take breaks in your own psychic space to disentangle your energy from others — for your own mental health! Please do so. Schedule them into your day.

Share Your Wisdom

I have only scratched the surface here. Are there any other symptoms of being psychic that you have experienced?

Do you have any advice for those who suspect they might be psychic?

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