There are natural gifts, and there are SKILLS you learn to develop and use your gifts — are you training?

When a healer friend invited me to a psychic party earlier this summer I said, “Yes! Sounds like a lot of fun!”  And it did.

The funny thing is, being a professional psychic myself, I don’t usually attend things like this. I don’t consult psychics because I can tune into things myself. But I felt I should be there, so I went.

– And yes, the psychic was very good. She nailed a struggle I was having, without knowing I had it, and came straight out with the advice I had been resisting. (Sigh. Grump.)

– And yes, the party was fun — I discovered kale chips and totally want to make these now! Yum!

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

The psychic was very perceptive, true, and I’ll link her at the bottom of this article, but most of all, I appreciated her professionalism.

One of my personal missions is to improve professionalism in the energy healing and intuition professions. So I wanted to share a couple of excellent points she made because I wholeheartedly agree!

Gifts vs. Skills

One point she brought up is that even though she had a tremendous natural psychic or intuitive abilities, she has trained extensively to learn to use and manage her skills. She has taken mediumship classes, trained with other professional pychics, etc.

Why do this?

Consider someone with a natural talent for architecture. They can imagine cool new buildings and naturally understand how changing a building’s structure can improve the work that gets done there. Wow!

But without formal training, they do not know how to calculate stress on girders or wind shear. They might build something that looks cool on the surface, but falls down in a storm.

Hmm, nice metaphor, Daria.

For many years in my practice, I struggled with unskilled healing and intuitive gifts, too. I knew I had them, but had to learn the hard way how to use them.

So I blurted things I should have gently introduced after a little information-gathering. I explained things clients didn’t want to hear. (Like your doc knows a lot of tedious cell physiology you might not want to learn — you just want to know how to get better.) Once I even did healing for someone who didn’t want the healing (I thought it would be good for them, but then I could intuitively feel the backlash which felt horrible and stopped immediately) And so much more.

I believe we all have healing gifts, and intuitive gifts of different strength and application. (It’s just that most of them go unexplored and undiscovered.)

If you are starting to sense that you have a gift, I recommend taking a class to develop that gift.

Classes have many benefits, including:

– Meeting other people with similar experiences and feeling validated that yes you do have that gift.

 – Learning a method to make use of your gift.

– Learning how to process clients.

– Extreme confidence boost.

Many classes have drawbacks, however. Ask past students about the teacher and watch out particularly for:

– Egotistical teachers who enjoy having students need them, or who have a hard time with jealousy and students that they perceive are more talented than the teacher.

– Classes designed to make you pay a lot of money for common teachings, or get you into an expensive program. ($500 for a few days of healing instruction is about the average)

– Many healing classes only teach techniques, not about healing itself or how to master the technique (but that’s what we teach here, if you are looking for it)

Either way, if you wonder whether you are a healer or a psychic, jump into exploring your natural gifts by taking a class or working with a teacher/coach!

Share Your Wisdom

How did you discover you were a healer or intuitive? Did you take any training for it? How did it hinder or help you?

Do you have any negative experiences you would like to help us avoid?

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