How to tell the difference between your spirit guides and your conscience

Chatting with another healer recently, I listened as she told an all too common story of burning out of a high-stress healing job as an addiction counselor. It was about politics. It was about management that required drama to showcase their own mental lack of health. It was about management wanting to keep the sick clients sick to ensure a steady stream of clients and funding.

And worst of all, her spirit guides had told her she had left too soon. She shouldn’t have quit.

Frowning slightly, I said gently, “I’ve never heard of spirit guides ever telling someone they made a mistake. They don’t usually look to the past and point out anything negative.”

“What?” she said, missing my point. “The psychic said my spirit guides said that I left before I should have.”


As a professional psychic myself, I cringe when I hear poor guidance from intuitives. Or, as is more often the case, poor interpretation of genuine intuition.

“The psychic was probably picking up on your regrets about leaving,” I said. “In fact, I don’t sense that you are entirely done with that line of work. So they may have sensed your feelings about it, that you are not done, and attributed those thoughts to your spirit guides.”

The lights turned on in her eyes.

Spirit Guides vs. Your Guilty (or Otherwise Anguished) Conscience

The way I look at the world, once something is past, it becomes, in a sense, perfect. Because you can’t change it!  LOL

My belief — that every event in the past reflects divine timing in some way — is a belief I have in fact developed from working with “the other side.”

No spirit guide will ever point to something you cannot change and say, “Bad human!”

So how can you tell genuine inner guidance from your nagging conscience? Here are a few signposts:

1. Loving vs. Blaming — Like I mentioned, guides will never blame anyone for anything. Blame is a waste of energy generated by our egoic thinking minds. Spirit guides fully love you, even when you have created what YOU believe to be a mistake. They will hold you and love you as you forgive yourself and others. If you are hearing blame, it’s likely a thought.

2. Choice vs. Better Than — Since “better” is entirely defined by your egoic preferences in a given situation, guides will not tend to tell you that things, people, or choices are “better than” others. They are more likely to help you hear your inner voice, consider your inner values, and make more self-supportive choices based on deeper self-understanding and self-love.

3. Fixing vs. Healing — Healing is a sort of evolution that begins with letting go of old mindsets and shifting into an easier way of being/thinking/doing in the world. Spirit guides will not tell you how to fix something. They will show you how to evolve your consciousness, leaving the past in the past.

4. Past vs. Potential — The human conscience or thinking mind (monkey mind) tends to fixate on the past, on what went wrong and why. In my experience, guides never analyze the past, dissect your allegedly poor choices, or call anyting “wrong”. Spirit guides are all about your potential. (And they will love you whether you reach it or not!) For example, if you ask why something went wrong, spirit guides tend to tell you what you can work on now to avoid similar situations. Or they might tell you something positive like “it really doesn’t matter” or “you are loved” or “you are burning off karma” — some healing tidbit of information that may erase your entire search for approval or change.

Clearing the Baddies

Another option, of course, is that you are getting advice from negative entities, incarnate bits of consciousness that never learned from their mothers that if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all. If you tend to be ill, be addictive, be energetically sensitive, float out of body, or visit the astral circus on occasion, you may have picked up a few of these. They are not uncommon.

Two ideas here:

1. Get a qualified healer to do an entity and thought-form clearing for you. (I do these as needed for my active consulting clients.)

2. Or simply ask Archangel Michael or your favorite holy being to permanently clear any negative entities and thought forms from your energy, belongings, family, and area of residence/work. Send a gift of heart energy (channeled from the universe, not your energy). Say please and thank you, and it will be done.

Spirit guides are your supporters, carriers of divine love and wisdom. Spirit guides live in the present (at least, they have a terrible sense of past/present/future and timing, lol). They do not dwell on mistakes. I’m not even sure they understand what mistakes are.

Most of all they see your potential, and they love you. In this, they are a beautiful source of support in the most trying of times.

May your guides bring you joy and wisdom… whether you think you can hear them or not.  😉

Share Your Wisdom

Have you ever misinterpreted non-guidance as intuitive guidance? How did you figure it out eventually?

How do you KNOW when your guides communicate to you?

Answer in the comments below, and thank you for helping others with your wisdom and experiences.

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