Life’s amazing two-step recovery process

Two weeks ago, I valiantly attempted to cut through the tough leaf stem of a particularly large houseplant, using a mediumish pair of desk scissors. (It was handy.) Though still not sure how, I managed to pinch the pad of my right middle finger between the handles. Hard.

It made me dance.

Not in a good way.

The injury became a long thin angry blood-blister. Then it turned rusty and now it is slowly fading. At least it didn’t hurt much after I did healing on it for a few minutes. (After the dancing part.)

Looking at my widdew boo-boo this morning, I became amazed at the physical process of healing. Right there, in my body, was a powerful Life process. Even better, since life is fractal, it is one we can learn from and use in other areas, too.

You could say I had made a “mistake” that had hurt me (have you ever done that? lol), and immediately, my body started coping.

1. It rushed resources to the hurt area (blood, fluids). And there were plenty to go around. The finger swelled, it hurt, it turned RED. By doing this, my body patched things up — the blood blister became like a scab beneath my skin. Great temporary measures.

2. Then, over the next several days, it started to clean up the patch itself and get back to the ideal finger state. The swelling subsided, the scab faded. Some day soon, my fingerpad will be all clear and happy again.

What struck me as so amazing is the two-phase reaction: First, emergency fixing. Then, longer-term healing.

Isn’t life like that?

This process is why I congratulate clients for getting medical attention and recommend that yesofcourse, they continue to take their meds until their doc says they can taper off — that’s the temporary fix.

And there they are in my office seeking longer-term healing, to clear the underlying anomaly that triggered the illness or condition in the first place. That’s the healing part.

It’s a beautiful thing. And it works.

One, two. Fix, heal.

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Where in your life have you experienced this one-two, fix-then-heal approach?

Did it work for you, or did you run into glitches?

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