Ode to Healing New Jersey (hurricane Sandy)

It is the job of poets, writers, artists, and healers to both uplift society in dark times and help them enjoy the good times.

As a former resident of New Jersey, the photos and news of hurricane Sandy has been personally shocking and devastating. As a writer/poet and healer who came to love New Jersey and its amazing people in my 13 years of living there, here is my small contribution:

Noble New Jersey

Oh noble New Jersey, your skirts are wet and torn,
Your people and trees uprooted, how ravaged your shores!
Although your lights fall dark in this dim week,
We, like your celebrated lighthouse peaks,
Remember and hold high your lighted heart, unmeek.

How can I—we—by that light help you along
Each step by tiny step, towards our brighter dawn?
Though creations of man may crumble and pass away,
Not hand nor storm nor the struggle of difficult days
Can mar the soul of our blessed New Jersey state.

–Daria Boissonnas