For inner guidance, analyze your DAYdreams, too!

For 15 years I have done intuitive dream analysis and folks have loved it (just call me Joseph–lol!) I know there are a variety of theories about dreams, ranging from dreams being meaningful to meaningless. For some reason, my clients typically walk away with a big new self-insight and a new healing exercise to move beyond some aspect of their struggles.

Recently I have been working on a new phenomenon — DAYdream analysis. You do not have to fall asleep in order to find brilliant guidance. Simply look at the vivid scenes that flit through your head!!!

It’s been an—er—eye-opener.

We rarely pay attention to daydreams. When I catch myself daydreaming, I try to snap out of it and come back to “real life.” And my daydreams easily flit away. But now I am practicing noticing them. Since this is not yet a spiritual habit, I have to put a little effort into it, like when I trained myself to remember night dreams long enough to make a few notes in the morning before they, too, went poof.

Daydreams Are Rich Sources of Self-Information from Your Unconscious Mind

Your daydream is realer than real life. Though the term “daydream” generally represents a condition of happily not paying attention, actual daydreams can be positive or negative.

I am finding that a daydream is like a picture-based type of thought (but not our usual logical thought) floating through your head.  It’s a part of your consciousness, often reflecting the state of your being.  (Why wouldn’ t that part of you think about what’s going on, too?) I am finding that daydreams typically represent a currrent situation metaphorically or symbolically, and so by analyzing them, you can see the situation more clearly. When I look at daydreams as a longtime healer and intuitive or psychic reader, what often pops out next is a healing exercise to take advantage of positive issues and help move beyond disturbing ones. (Love it!)

To analyze daydreams, it helps to be very intuitive and experienced with metaphors and symbolism. Then again, nobody can interpret your inner symbolism like you can. Take a stab at it! Jot down the essentials of the daydream and what was going on when you had it. “What was going on” may include issues you are working on healing, or simply exactly what was happening at the moment.

The first daydream I analyzed was my own, a disturbing daydream where someone was being hurt on purpose. As a healer, I’d like to think I have healed beyond such unpleasantries, but no. There it was. Some innocent, uncertain part of me was being harmed on purpose by something that was totally taking advantage of my indecision. When I identified the relevant parts of me, I found a significant opportunity for healing. I’m excited to work through this issue. I saw an unexpected, hidden aspect of it through my daydream.

Daydream Analysis on Sale through 12/31/2012

Want to be part of the experiment? Record your daydream, and its context—what was going on just before it happened? Then email Support here at to connect and get an appointment. For just $10, I will analyze your daydream (via a 10-20 minute phone call) if you are one of the first 10 people to respond.

To your healing journey!





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  1. Wow! the concept of listening to daydreams is very attractive here, a new way of fostering people’s attention towards peace and calmness. Truly this will come by spirituality only.