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Have you gotten stuck writing a book, workshop, information product, or finishing a big creative project? Struggling to finish? Feeling guilty? Missing deadlines? Worried you aren’t ever going to finish? Can’t find the time?

I know what it’s like.  For three years I worked on writing a book, then this year, I started and finished a book in about 5 months. Let me help you by sharing the three biggest spiritual insights and actions that got me through the rough patches and helped me finish quickly and easily.

If your big creative project is part of your Divine Purpose, we want to help you finish it!

Join us in December for this amazing FREE class.

FREE CALL: “Top 3 Spiritual (& Energy) Secrets to

Getting Unstuck, (Re-)Starting, and Brilliantly Finishing

Your Big Creative Project:

A Free Class for Creatives, Dreamers, Intuitives and Healers”

With Daria Boissonnas, Founder & CEO, Global Institute for Awakening

Completing a book or BIG creative project is a spiritual journey, and it begins in this call! Learn the three secrets that can make the difference between continuing to struggle (or be stuck) and allowing your book to practically finish itself. We will begin to implement on the call, and you will have even more steps to take when you hang up.

Date: Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Time: 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific US time

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