Healers — Yes, Healers

~ Daria’s Wednesday Wisdom column ~ This post is an excerpt from Gift of the Healer by Daria Boissonnas, reprinted with permission. (Book is due out by end of 2011 — stay tuned!)

…The leaders and teachers I soon began studying and questioning — the ones producing unlikely miracle after miracle — were healers. Energy healers, in particular. But producing miracles in your life does not require energy healing! You do not even need to believe in energy healing. This gift is much deeper and simpler than that.

Because I first observed this amazing ability in healers, however, I think of it as the Gift of the Healer.

What jumps into your mind when you hear the word healer?

  • A nurse or a doctor?
  • A massage therapist, minister, or hospice worker?
  • How about a lawyer, a scientist, or a talk-show host?
  • Have you ever wondered if you were a healer?

In my experience, the word healer conjures up more confusion, discomfort, and even belligerence than it creates warm fuzzies. Even professional healers brush off the term because of the charge it carries and the confusion it triggers. I understand. When I call myself a healer, I know some folks imagine me sticking needles in dolls, hawking fake healing tonics, and dancing naked in the woods.

“Oh, that’s nice,” others say, carefully distancing themselves, “if it works for you.”

It does. Healing has allowed me to embrace possibility in my life. Better yet, it works for anyone who tries it, because we are all healers at our core. For humans, healing comes naturally, and I will show you how, every day, you do exactly what healers do to create extraordinary healing. When you learn to apply those skills mindfully, there is no telling how wonderful your life can become and how much more you can help others.

Many have tried to find a more descriptive term than healer: improvement facilitator, intention holder, possibility opener, paradigm catalyst. These seem forced to me. I like the word healer. It is short and sweet, easy to spell, and commonly used. In my book, that beats contrived phrases by a mile. (And this is my book.)

Healer is an important word with a distinct meaning. It carries power. I suspect many alternative healers avoid it because of the power it carries, but we should not shy away from this power. We cannot. We need all forms of our natural healing power, now more than ever. The world needs it. The world needs you. And you can do this.

You were born a healer.

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