Marketing Tip for Healers: Offer more than the name of your technique

Avoid offering your services by your technique’s name(s) unless the vast majority of your clients seek your technique.

While this might work for doctors, acupuncturists and massage therapists, even those practitioners are still likely to get more clients if they also do the following.  (For healers who have learned more than three techniques, definitely do not advertise your services by your laundry list of techniques!  Read why here:

Instead, offer your services by the benefits they provide to clients. Most people do not wake up in the morning, smack their foreheads and say, “Gosh I really need a good Transmeridian Energy Clearing Heflapurple Nadissimo Intermatrix Quantum Extravaganza!”  Or whatever your technique is called.  Might as well be that, though — it doesn’t mean anything to new clients.

They are much more likely to wake up and say, “Gosh I’m tired of my pain and misery.”  Or, “I wish there was some way to minimize <my problem>.”

Offer Your Benefits

You offer services on your on your business card, brochure and website.  You want to convey your benefits to potential clients, plus make it easy for people to understand who to refer to you.

To be successful, your offer must immediately convey the benefits of what you do. Your specialty, your target market, and your healing gifts should be apparent. Consider these examples.  In each pair, which draws you in more?

1a. I’m a nutritionist and matrix energy healer.

1b. I help women ease into menopause and love their bodies by balancing their hormones naturally.

2a. I’m a chiropractor and I do Awakening Healing.

2b. I help people who have suffered major physical trauma, like an accident or surgery, to recover more quickly and completely.

3a. I’m a personal trainer.

3b. I help women love living in their bodies!

4a.  I’m an energy healer and spiritual mentor.

4b.  I help highly intuitive folks who are creative to make friends with their powerful gifts and find fulfillment following their calling to heal the world.

Surprisingly, being specific like this does not limit your clientele.  It usually has the opposite effect — it can expand it because people finally understand what you do!

Post your “before” and “after” offering in the comments and I’ll be happy to give you further pointers.