Friday June 24th is Fairy Day

By Amelie Boissonnas  (age 8 )

International Fairy Day is always on the 24th of June. It’s a time to celebrate the existence of fairies. I think International Fairy Day is a time to go green.  For example picking up trash and caring for plants, animals, and nature.

The world of the fae are legends and stories in our world. The fae are beings of the elements: rock, air, water, fire, and spirit.  If you call on fairies, they can help you heal or help you find things.

3 Facts about Fairy Day

  • Fairy day was made up by an artist
  • Fairy day happens every June 24th
  • Fairy day is not very well known

According to Jessica Galbreth, the founder of Fairy Day (, the fairies once lived where we live. They chose to leave because humans became too many, too jaded, and too fast for the easier, more genteel pace of the lovely fairies. The fairies because of these reasons left and created their own world. The veil between us and the fairies is getting thinner. Believe in the fairies and you might make it lift and the fairies might come back.

I believe in fairies a lot for my own reasons. In this paragraph I’ll tell you one of the reasons why. My front garden has really clayish soil. Through thought I asked the fairies to help the plants and to make the dirt more like quality dirt, and to make the plant I accidentally stepped on grow back. The next minute I felt a feeling of peace and wings tickling my body. The next day the plant I stepped on was already 1 inch tall! I feel protected in that garden now and I also hear whispers in there.

Celebrating Fairy Day

Click on this link to go to the facebook Fairy Day page. There might be a facebook Fairy Day event in your area. I even found a Fairy Day event on craigslist.

To celebrate, you may want to make fairy cookies.  Here is a fairy cookie cutter I think you will like.  Click here. You can make sugar cookies with the cookie cutter. They sound delicious.

Maybe you want to encourage a child who loves fairies to read. Use these great books to help! I read them when I was younger.


Suggestions from me about what to do on Fairy Day:

  • Go outside
  • Put crystals and/or a little ball of tin foil outside for the fairies
  • Pick up trash if you see any
  • Remenber the magic of being a child
  • Invite fae into your garden through song, thought, note, or talking to them
  • Find and talk to faces in trees
  • Take a moment to see the beauty in everything even the simple things
  • Bake sugar cookies in the shape of fairies.