The danger of collecting techniques

A few years ago at a health expo, a healer proudly showed me his brochure impressively listing over 25 healing techniques he learned.  Now that takes time and resources!

I smiled and asked if he used all 25 techniques in each session.  He changed the subject.

“Which ones do you use most often?” I asked.

He waved his hand noncommittally.

A Negative Message?

If you list techniques that you don’t use, are you in full integrity?  What energy are you putting into your business if you brag to impress and don’t deliver?

Healers take healing technique and related classes for many, many reasons.  Here are two expansive ones:

  • You may learn a technique as a stepping stone to other techniques, practice it for a while and then move on.
  • Sometimes you’ll take a class (like when a friend drags you along) and come to appreciate more deeply your current techniques.

If you don’t currently do it, don’t list it. If you’d like to list classes taken as background somewhere on your website, do so.  You might even explain how learning them broadened and deepened your understanding of healing, though you choose to use more powerful processes that speak to you more today.

I know, a long list seems impressive.  And I understand that certain techniques complement each other, like massage therapy and energy work, or hand analysis and coaching.

But a very long list also says you just didn’t get something after the first few classes. What were you searching for?  Why wasn’t 10 techniques enough to get results?  5?  1?  A long list can signal insecurity.

Techniques Don’t Sell

Most importantly: it’s not your technique that sells your services! It’s you and what you do for people.  If your business card and marketing materials described the benefits the client gets from working with you, you’re golden.  Most clients don’t understand techniques anyway.  They don’t care what you do — they just want to feel better.

Once in a while, someone will come to you seeking a specific technique.  You can register yourself with that technique’s practitioner referral directory to get those clients.

Or you may simply be a one-technique healer.  I love it!  Just remember you are never, ever merely a practitioner of a technique. That technique is expressed through you in a way unique from everyone else on the planet.  You are a healer. It doesn’t matter HOW you share your healing gifts as long as you ARE sharing them.

Many blessings on your journey!

Share your marketing blurb with us in the comments below and ask any questions.  I’m here for you.