Joke: the gift of the wounded healer

One fine day, a person just like you is out for a pleasant walk, pondering why you feel a kind of emptiness at the same time you are putting in overwhelming effort into making your life work.  Thus distracted with your struggles, you suddenly find yourself falling into a huge, deep hole!  It is quickly apparent you can’t get out, so you begin to yell for help.

Luckily, a religious leader walks by and hears your pleas.  He writes down a prayer for you and drops it in the hole.

Then the doctor hears you calling and responds: she writes a prescription and drops it in the hole.

You are starting to get a little frantic, since nobody seems to understand your situation or is able to really help you.  But then your friend’s friend Daria walks by.  (That’s me.)

“Help!” you call.  “I’m stuck in this hole and I can’t get out!”

Daria hears you, and she knows exaclty what to do.  She jumps down into the hole with you.

“What did you do that for?!” you sputter. “Now you’re stuck too!”

“Yes, but I’ve been here before and I know the way out.” she says, winking. “Follow me.”