What is the most important thing you do?

I was at a mind/body/spirit health expo recently and an older gentleman was observing our booth in stealth mode.  He lingered about 8 feet back reading my 7-feet tall pull-up sign. 

He was oozing “shh, don’t look at me” vibes. 

I hailed him brightly.  “Are you interested in healing, sir?” my inner imp asked.

Caught, he took a half step back, furrowed his eyebrows, and shook his head emphatically.

“No? Really?  You’ve lived a good 39 years and you’ve never had to heal anything?  I’ve never met anyone who is perfect — may I shake your hand and get your autograph?”

Finally, he cracked a smile.  He sputtered a bit longer, saying well of course he healed, he just called it something different.  Thought of it differently, you know. 

I said I was glad to hear that he was healing well. 

He left with much more friendly vibes.

What is the most important thing you do your whole life long?  Heal.

If you don’t heal, you die.

If you don’t heal well or quickly, you suffer.

It’s that simple.

Did you know — healing IS something you can learn to do better and faster, and learn to help others with.  You can improve the healing of not just the body but thought patterns, relationships, families, organizations, events, the environment and the planet.  Think of all the suffering we could all alleviate by learning to heal better and faster!

The Global Institute for Awakening was founded to bring more healing into the world.  Stick around with us while we explore what healing really is, how to heal yourself quickly and well, and how to help the most people (and organizations and the planet etc) heal the most. 

Here are two ways you can help now by finding out more about healing:

1. Sign up right now for our free interview series called “I Am a Healer”: 100 Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People Who Are Changing the World and How You Can Too.  We are just getting going, but already have five powerful interviews, three of whom did not consider themselves healers until our interview.  You also get our free class “Healing 101” where you meet the three main types of the natural Inner Healer — which one(s) are you?  The more you learn about healing, the more healing you can bring into the world.

2. Leap directly into membership and spend a year self-healing plus learning about healing and the power of consciousness to create a better life and world!  Find more information at http://GIAwaken.com/benefits.  When you heal and learn about healing, you help others heal.

Suffering is not required.  How do YOU bring more healing into the world?