GIAwaken News: Think you might be a healer? Stick with us and find out!

Hello to you!  And hello to everyone I met two weekends ago at the Mind Body Spirit Wellife Expo in Madison, where I debuted Awakening Healing for the first time in the United States!  

Many who experienced Awakening Healing there enjoyed deep relaxation, increased inner knowing, and some profound personal insights and healing experiences.

Overall it was a magical two days.  I had the pleasure of sharing my fun talk at the expo — “Think You Might Be a Healer?  Find Out!” At the beginning when I asked who in the audience was already a healer, only one man gave me the “enh, sorta” sign. 

At the end when I asked, every single person raised their hand!!

If you missed it, rest assured that I’m working on a way to share this important message with everyone.  More on that in a couple weeks.  😉

For today, check out our free call coming up next week, How to Jump Back Up again when Life Knocks You Down.  Details below. 

And catch our powerful blog articles, including “Where Psychic Readings Go Wrong…” and a FREE guided meditation for Japan.

Here’s to you and massive success in living your highest calling!

Many blessings,


Daria Boissonnas
Founder, Global Institute for Awakening

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How to Jump Back Up Again when Life Knocks You Down

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