Are you a positive Fool or a negative Fool?

“The fool doth think he is wise,
but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act 5 scene 1

Though April Fool’s Day comes once a year, we are archetypal Fools every day of the year.

What?  Did I just call you a fool?

No, silly — a Fool with a capital F.  The archetypal innocent.  The one delving into new projects with optimism and enthusiasm.  The one that sees sunny skies without clouds.  The part of you simply enjoying being your genuine self.

At your best as a Fool, you life joyfully in the Now, without a useless worry.  You are present and inquisitive.  Heavy thoughts are not even on your radar — what will they think, what should I do, I don’t have enough, am I good enough, etc.

Your inner positive Fool is excited about life, pushing forward into new adventures, fully digesting what you’ve learned, letting the icky parts go, and moving on.

This is a brilliant state of mind.  With the state of mind of the positive Fool you can find genuine fulfillment.  You can enjoy your life to the max. You can get things done!

The Negative Fool

At its worst, however, your inner Fool can attempt to recreate these carefree feelings in negative ways.   The negative Fool is inauthentically carefree. For instance:

  • Pretending things are fine when they aren’t.
  • Using avoidance to goof off in a fun way and pretend you don’t have a problem that’s getting worse.
  • Using artificial means of feeling good, like substances and thrilling experiences.
  • Giving up on yourself and following or conforming to others’ likes and dislikes.

Ultimately, the negative Fool blocks what brings you joy.  It blocks you from hearing and fulfilling your Highest Calling, the activity which brings you the most joy in life and allows you to help others the most.

The negative Fool creates temporary innocence and joy, but brings worse suffering in the long run.

Your Assignment for this April Fool’s Day

You deserve to be happy, confident, and carefree.  You were born to enjoy your positive inner Fool.

I propose you take a moment today to consider where the negative Fool is showing up in your life.  The negative Fool pops up to save us from problems we think we can’t handle.  Spiritually, however, I have come to understand that if you have a problem, you CAN handle it.  And the sooner the better, so your negative Fool doesn’t foolishly make it worse!

How can you express your inner positive Fool more?  Consider just ONE tiny change you can make starting today. Look at the list of four negative strategies above and change something to stop relying on one of them.

Whatever tiny change you choose to make, STICK TO IT.  That makes all the difference.

I’ve got my one tiny change.  How about you?