How water stores information (movie recommendation)

Today at the GIA booth at the Wellife Mind Body Spirit EXPO, I chatted with a vendor of water ionizing machines about why zipping water around in circles helps clean it up to be more usable by the body.  It seems to “erase the tape” and clean the water of negative energies.

Water is fascinating!  It is a liquid crystal — that means it can record memories and impressions just like a disk drive or those old magnetic cassette tapes.  Water picks up emotions, thoughts, intentions, and more from its environment, which includes you.

Here’s a highly enjoyable and inspiring movie that explores the nature of water.  It’s called “Water: The Great Mystery.” 

I must warn you however — this movie was made in Russia and translated into English.  It is not your typical American science-focused movie like What the Bleep!? or a Discovery Channel flick. 

That’s what makes it fascinating.  It incorporates insights from scientists, and it also interviews religious authorities plus surveys the folklore about water.  It mixes entertainment, mystery and science!

Does that diminish the science?  Not in my book.  It strengthens it when done well.  If the world works in a certain way, that information can be found across disciplines in science, in nature, in our religions and in our stories or folklore.

Click on the cover picture above to get yourself a copy at amazon, and let me know what you think!  (Comment below.)  Enjoy!