Where psychic readings go wrong….

This past weekend I had fun hosting GIA’s table at a 2-day Mind Body Spirit Expo.  Because it was oriented as a psychic fair (schedule a reading and get in the door free), I heard a lot from visitors to my table about their psychic readings.

What troubled me is that I heard about a lot of pain and suffering caused by their readings. Hang on, this is not what a psychic reading is about!

Over the last year, I’ve finally started using the word psychic to describe what I do as a business consultant.  It’s that simple: I see pictures, see new products in your potential, get timelined tasks to reach goals, and more.  Clients say the information is uncannily accurate and helpful.  So I’ve finally started calling it like it is — I’m a psychic.

Any psychic worth his or her salt would be horrified to discover their reading caused distress!  The whole purpose of a reading is to help you see and know capabilities you are ignoring, to see projects and gifts in your potential to easily develop, and heart-centered knowing that you are blocking out.  You might be blocked because of emotions, distress, stress, old habits, small thinking, or old conditioning and beliefs.

It’s OK to get help moving through those blockages.  The point of a reading is to give you information from your own informaiton field to uplift you to your greatest possibilities, and help you align with your heart and inner knowing.

Psychic Readings Are Healing Tools, Not Weapons

At our booth, one woman in particular told me a psychic said she was supposed to be an herbal healer.  But she was frustrated and angry.  She didn’t know where to begin, adding: “I don’t have the money for all those expensive fancy classes!”  Bottom line: she wasn’t feeling it, it wasn’t showing up, and she didn’t know what to do.

What I saw:  she was beating herself up about NOT fulfilling a psychic reading.



Put your hands on your heart and back slowly away from that psychic reading!!

Psychic readings are NOT meant to be weapons with which you can beat yourself up.  They are meant to uplift, inspire and heal.  If you are using your reading to feel guilty, frustrated, insecure, or upset, you are using it wrong.

Psychic Readings Are Other People’s Interpretations of YOUR Information Field

It’s ONE opinion.  And it might be a good one or a poor one, who knows.  It’s not written in stone. Let me explain.

As a psychic, I often see pictures.  As the woman was talking, I saw a beautiful garden unfolding before me.  A garden you could tinker in and get happy.

But after the picture comes the interpretation.  This is where psychic readings can shift off course, and it’s one of the reasons I often check in with my client by asking, “How does that feel to you?”  I want to know if I’m interpreting correctly.

What if the woman’s original psychic saw the same garden I did but concluded “herbal healer”?  I saw the garden and felt the garden itself talking to me.  So here’s how I helped.

The first thing I shared with the frustrated woman was this Truth:  You have all you need at every moment to accomplish your dreams, your calling, and your healing.  If you can’t afford classes, there is another way.  Books, the public library, free online searches.  You can ALWAYS find another way, always.

Secondly, I asked if she enjoyed gardening.  Big smile and happy look on her face!  Gardens were important and magical to her as a child, etc.  She LOVES gardening.  Ding ding ding.

When I asked how people could heal through having a garden, she knew the answer right away.  I saw a potential business within her and I shared:  she could help people plan, find resources for, and implement gardens.  Brilliant classes, plenty of demand.  She went away happier.

Which Reading Was Right?

Now, which psychic was “right”?  Is this woman really supposed to teach people to build gardens like I said?  Is that how she can best express her inner healer?

Or… one day after teaching gardening for a while, while she’s happily transplanting parsely, will the plant speak to her and begin instructing her in how to heal with its properties?  Did I give her the intermediary step to becoming an herbal healer?

The correct answer is: it doesn’t matter.  There is no such thing as “right”, there is only now.  All I know is she went away happier with herself, with a viable business idea, and further along the path of awakening her Inner Healer.

How can you use your psychic readings to inspire you, uplift you, and keep you going through the dark times?  THat’s what they are meant to do.  How can you use your own intuition and knowing to inspire you and help awaken YOUR Inner Healer?

You are a natural healer.  May you find your calling or the task that makes your heart sing, with or without the help of a psychic reading.  If you have one, feel your own truth within it, and extract the uplifting information and energies from it.

  1. I loved that post, it’s so very accurate.
    I had a psychic tell me all these things that never came to pass, such as winning a large sum of money and a love relationship, which I beat myself up about like crazy, until I realised I could see in hindsight that she totally misinterpreted ALL of the impressions and what they were actually related to. I could, in hindsight, see what they actually were about.

  2. Thank you Daria for this very uplifting article. After reading I felt truly inspired as it re-affirmed that we each have our own inner power to create the reality we wish for ourselves. I could feel the truth in your words and the importance of standing in our power. To always dance to the music in our hearts whilst manifesting our dreams. Thank you.

  3. Hello my loved one! I wish to say that this article is
    awesome, and well written.