FREE guided healing meditation for Japan

We’d like to share a part of our recent member-only meeting with the world!

Please enjoy this 7-minute healing meditation for Japan.  Help not only Japan to recover from this difficult challenge, but help the whole world to heal with and through Japan.

Our goal at GIAwaken is to bring more healing into the world by enabling YOU to awaken your natural Inner Healer — we thank you for participating in this meditation!

Click to Listen, or Right-Click to download here  0:06:48

(A note of explanation: This meditation was offered to members in an exclusive membership meeting. Daria refers to the grounding, deeply peaceful state from the Awakening Healing group session that preceded this call. For more information about Awakening Healing and how it aligns you to more gently shift energetically with Earth changes, visit:

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The author of Messages from Water and the Universe and other books suggests a wonderful healing prayer on his blog here:  He did extend the global prayer at noon through April 10, but we recommend doing it often and any time!

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  1. Many thanks to you for posting this.