FREE AUDIO | Interview with the founder of Awakening Healing

GIA is pleased to endorse and recommend a new type of New Healing — called Awakening Healing — due to its extraordinary ability to help you:

  • Become who you really are, much more easily
  • Reclaim your feeling of wonder and joy in life
  • Build self-confidence, love and acceptance
  • Accelerate your spiritual journey (ie. your happiness)
  • Make the world a better place
  • Create spiritual and material success, and
  • Create the most permanent positive change (aka healing) in the world, starting with you. 

This is exactly what we do, too, and we feel Awakening Healing can help you get there more easily and quickly.  We are pleased to announce that we are offering Awakening Healing with our workshops in special packages to enhance your learning and implementation, so you can create powerful results!  The first comes with “Calling In Your Calling“, starting March 16th.

Free Audio Interview Here:
Bee Jimpson, the founder of Awakening Helaing

Now you can discover the story behind this type of healing, what has been channeled about it and more — in our new audio interview of founder Bee Jimpson, below.  We can actually feel the Awakening Healing flow when listening to this audio, especially when Bee describes what she does in a distance session.  Follow along and try it yourself! 

“Awakening Healing is like nothing else I’ve experienced — deeply powerful, loving, grounding, and calming.”
—Daria Boissonnas, founder

Click to listen to AUDIO here. Right-click to download.

Next training for Awakening Healing is in Minneapolis, MN, USA March 11-14.  Check out for classes near you.  (Not an affiliate link, we just highly recommend learning this healing process for yourself, your family, and the world.)

What is “New Healing”?

There are three main types of healing on the planet right now.  All are valuable and compatible, and should be a part of any healthy lifestyle.  Here is roughly how they are different:

1. Physical/Mental Healing

Physical/mental healing looks at the body/mind as mechanical and logical.  It focuses on what you can observe and think about.  Physical/mental healing applies logical processes, mechanical devices and physical substances/chemicals to change the body’s mechanical or thinking behavior.  Often, the physical and mental sides are focused on separately.  Medical healing and its pharmaceuticals is a great example of physical/mental healing.

2. Energy Healing

Beyond the physical/mental and EMF energy, Energy Healing addresses the subtle energies of the body.  For instance it may use acupuncture meridians, chakras, subtle bodies, the aura, and more.  By maintaining and repairing the body’s energy system, Energy Healing enhances the body’s energy communication system.  This enhances healing and health, since loss of information carried in our energy systems eventually shows up physically and mentally as “disease”.  Ways to improve energetic function and structure include a range of energy manipulation techniques, energy toning, herbal energies, homeopathics, and much more.

3. New Healing

The body is our lowest and slowest type of energy.  The thinking mind is just one slice of the different types of consciousness we can access.  New Healing looks beyond all these to the core essence of each person.  What is your greatest gift?  What is your highest inner truth?  In what way are you a precious blessing for the world?  When you share your core essence (yes you) you creates health, healing, love, peace, wisdom, service, joy, meaning, fulfillment, bliss, and more — for yourself and others. 

We often call this stepping into your Higher Calling, sharing your Blessing, living your Life Purpose, etc.  How can your greatest Potential outcome unfold more easily and bless the world with its expression?  New Healing realigns your physical/mental/energetic life with your Calling or core energy pattern and potential.  The natural consequence is flow, grace and ease, healing and health, and permanent positive change.  You leave the world a better place.  

GIA founder Daria Boissonnas believes New Healing can be found in the Munay Ki rites, the work of the Trivedi Foundation, The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, and now in Awakening Healing. 

Most people find the experience of Awakening Healing palpable and deeply relaxing.  We invite you to try a session today!