Healing can happen Instantly, an Awakening Healing story

“Moooooom! Can you do something for my leg? It hurts!”

My 15-year-old is in his tuxedo for the band concert, running upstairs for socks.

“What do you mean your leg hurts?” I ask, concerned, following him to the bottom of the stairs.

He turns the corner towards his room.  “I dunno, it’s just been hurting behind my knee and in my leg all day.”

A couple hours earlier, I had returned from a training class for a powerful new form of healing called Awakening Healing.  (Officially I am the first practitioner trained in all of North America so far!)  As my son ducks into his room for the socks, I raise my hands.

“I’ll try the new thing I just learned, OK?”  I say, focusing on listening to his knee and legs.

He returns right away and sits at the top of the stairs to put his socks on.  I wonder how much I’ll be able to do before he leaves.  Then I put on my Mom hat and start to wonder why his leg is hurting.

“Um, mom?” he says standing up with two socks on.

“Yeah?” I say, concentrating.

“It doesn’t hurt any more, thanks.”

Mouth open, I step aside as he speeds by me.

Healing happens in an instant.  How fast we accept the healing results is how fast it “happens” in the physical world.  Kids are excellent at accepting fast healing, until we train them to expect it to take a long time!  Shift back into that childlike acceptance of the world’s abundance by practicing accepting ease and all good and wonderful things flowing to and through you.  Build that muscle, that habit, that mindset.  Healing IS the natural order of things.  It is the highest expression of human consciousness.

To experience the deep relaxation and inner connectedness of Awakening Healing yourself, visit this page: http://GIAwaken.com/AH