Here’s What’s Missing If Your Life Is Like the Groundhog Day Movie

  • Do you get up in the morning and do pretty much what you did yesterday?
  • Do you feel like nothing you try will change the outcome of your life?
  • Do you assume that what happened to you long ago has trapped you forever? (That’s a big myth!)

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character falls into a time warp where no matter what crazy impulsive thing he does, even killing himself, he wakes up at exactly the same time on the same morning, over and over. 

It’s a movie of course, and the sarcastic angry character eventually shifts from manipulating his environment for the sense of power and accomplishment to genuinely connecting with those around him, esp his love interest. And it happens because this crazy time warp forces him, out of boredom, to stop looking at the surface of things.

Last week a client told me the same thing–that her life felt like the Groundhog Day movie.  Though she knew better, she observed herself every day repeating the same bad habits, the same shortcuts, the same behaviors that were keeping her stuck.  She said she felt like she lacked the power to stop repeating them. “How can I break out of that?” was her question.

Good question.

Plain and simple, I find behavior like this happens when a person is avoiding their Calling. 

It’s a very strong urge, the Calling.  It is an instinct so strong we can feel it but not always put words and actions on it. 

To block it off, to delay doing what you were born to do, to step out of your innate power, you need some serious firepower — lots of energy.  The most concentrated energy we can muster is called up by our emotions.  So the more stuck you get, the more frustrated and angry and grief-stricken and regretful and self-deprecating you get, the more you can “safely” avoid your calling.  The more you can stay attached to those things that happened in your childhood, the unfairness of life, the jealousy, the things that keep you small.  The more you can stay stuck.

BUT, Life is motion, and Life always moves forward.  As time passes, you naturally forget broken hearts, negative comments, etc.  To remember these things, you must think about them and drag in the energy of negative emotions to strengthen your connection with them.  Otherwise, your connections naturally fade.  To stay stuck in limiting habits, you need to generate negative emotion.  Unfortunatley, the side effect of this avoidance loop is that you suffer. A lot.  After a while, it feels awful and you would give anything to change it.

But suffering is not necessary. I remember when I was stuck in a similar place many years ago. I thought I would go crazy with how miserable I was, even I appeared to be living a fine life.  ONE thing pulled me through to the wonderful place I am today.  One thing.  It was that small part of me that knew, I mean it KNEW I was supposed to be doing something else.  Something greater.  Something that made a difference.  I had no idea what it was, but I hung onto that tiny bit of knowingness for dear life, and following it pulled me out of that misery and suffering. 

Can you hear or feel that tiny part of you that KNOWS you are not doing what you were meant to do?  Perhaps you even know what you are supposed to be doing, but feel helpless to break out of your current situation!

Are you ready to break free?  Are you ready to let go of the draining dramas and the tiring tirades once and for all?  The Global Institute for Awakening was founded to help you step into your Calling, the thing you were born to do.  If you aren’t following your calling, something will feel like it’s missing in your life.  You can win everything, get the job the spouse the car the house you desire, but something is still missing.  When life doesn’t satisfy, you’re missing your Calling. 

Following your Calling allows you to live the life of your dreams — full of health, wealth, wisdom, peace, love and joy — while making a big difference in the world.

I invite you to make a decision today to give up the distracting disempowerment and say yes to your Divine gifts.  To let go of the painful routine that is knowable and predictable and to say yes to allowing the Universe to blindly guide you into bliss.  To stop doubting and start trusting. To stop ignoring your gifts and acknowledge them. To stop depriving yourself of your lucrative dream life and start nourishing yourself.  Make the decision today.  Find that tiny bit of knowingness inside you that says you were meant to do something else, something greater than this.  Write your decision on paper.  Write supporting statements of intention.  And when you mean it, the Universe will answer you.

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