You are each my favorite… how is that possible?

At breakfast this morning, I told my daughter she was my favorite child and I loved her more than anyone else in the world.

She said no, that wasn’t true, I loved all my kids the same.

I smiled and said, exactly — I love each of them the best of all, more than anyone else in the world.

How is that possible?

This concept came from a zen koan story I read many years ago.  It piqued my interest at the time because I LOVE puzzles and it made no sense!  How can each thing be the best?

There are actually many ways to explain why and how this is true.  But understand this first: you can’t use logic to solve this puzzle.  Your logical, thinking mind categorizes and compares.  It ranks and sequences.  It draws straight lines between points.  It would say my statement was impossible.

Luckily we all have access to different types of consciousness, or thinking if you must call it that.  Our consciousness is like a rainbow, and the logical, thinking mind is merely one color.  My statement makes perfect sense when you are in a different slice of your consciousness.

For instance, try this:  the next time you are deep in a meditative or altered state, ask yourself how everything can be the best at the same time.   You will likely be able to see it then.  (Hint: your higher consciousness is not limited by the sequence of time, either.)

The Key to Healing and Leaving the World a Better Place

Our job as humans is to access the knowing we find at the higher levels of consciousness and bring that wisdom down into the world. The thinking mind is absolutely requred to live our daily lives, but it’s not all you have.  Accessing your greater consciousness changes the world.  It creates win-win mindsets and accesses permanent positive change nobody could have thought of.

Really, would you rather live in a world where everything was best of all, where everything was seen as a stepping stone to something even better?  Or do you prefer a small-thinking world where everything is either good or bad, where there are such things to overcome as negative, naughty, evil, painful, and hateful?

Connecting with our higher knowing takes us to new and better places in our logical, physical world.  It opens doors.  It is the only thing that creates genuine, transformative healing.

Back to the puzzle.  Once you understand my statement “up there” in your greater consciousness, you can understand it logically in many ways.  For instance:

  • Each person is unique.  If you are the only one of you, you must be my favorite one of you.
  • In that moment, enjoying my daughter’s presence, with nobody else in my perception, she is the only person in the world to me and therefore my favorite.
  • Each person on the planet is equally valuable, therefore they all fall in the same value category, such as favorite.
  • Your turn: In what other ways is each of my children my favorite?

What if each and every child was seen and valued as if they were the most precious child in the world?  This is not pollyanna thinking.  This is enlightened thinking.  It the only thing that creates positive change.

And for the record: you are my favorite reader, ever.


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