GIAwaken News: Exciting developments, plus TWO new classes next month

News from Daria — Newsletter, 23 February 2011

Wow, the last few weeks have been a doozie! 

I’ve been experiencing profound healing (aka permanent positive change) that’s knocked me a bit off my routine.  I’ve enjoyed the astonishing new insights and visioning, however, both personally and for the Global Institute for Awakening.  I even shared one insight in a new video already. 

It’s created a rollercoaster of effects — offers from the Universe to step up and forward, and a couple to step back down and “stay safe” where things are familiar.  Whenever you expand forward, the Universe always offers you a chance to step down and stay small, too. It’s always your choice.

     …I choose up.  I choose up.  I choose up!

As a result, we have TWO exciting new classes coming up, one by phone and one in Minneapolis — see the section below. 
And as you might expect, we will be announcing quite a few exciting changes and surprises here in the next few weeks!  Watch your emails and newsletters!

Here’s to you and the healing power of your Highest Calling.  We look forward to supporting you in fully sharing your innermost priceless Gifts with the world. 

Many blessings,

Daria Boissonnas
Founder, Global Institute for Awakening


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Not your average class!  In addition to our powerful workshop full of hard-to-find insights and exploration to discover and fulfill your Higher Calling, we have created a transformational package including a reading of your Calling, a personal healing and attunement to your Calling, and one-on-one mentoring to take action on your Calling. 

Runs March 16 – April 13, plus your individual appts.

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(2) NEW Audio Available: “10 Facts You Need to Know About Your Higher Calling”

Life is a spiritual journey.  If you aren’t discovering and taking action on your spiritual calling… well, what ARE you doing? Your Calling or Blessing or Life Purpose is the greatest goal or quest you can accomplish.  And 2011 is a great year to step into your calling!

Audio is available on the Resources Page for everyone on our emailing list.  If you haven’t signed up for your free kit above, please do so and we’ll send you the link.

(3) Healing Intensive  ~ “Awakening: The Next Sense”
Learn to do Awakening Healing & Quantum Alignments
Minneapolis, MN, March 11-14, 2011

Learn Awakening Healing, the only healing method currently endorsed and recommended by the Global Institute for Awakening! 
This is not energy healing, but a new kind of powerful healing becoming evident in the world. It does not merely repair the energy communication system in your being/body.  It does much more, restoring you to who you truly are and upgrading your energy system in a way that allows you to much more easily fulfill your greatest potential.

You can say it Awakens your gifts and clarifies your Path.  Join us and meet Daria in person!

Friday: 7pm to 10pm: Fundamentals of Intuition
Saturday: 10am to 6pm: Quantum Healing
Sunday: 9:30am to 6pm: Quantum Alignments
Monday: 9:30am to 6pm: Quantum Alignments and Starting a Practice

Office of The Next Sense: 715-796-2575 –

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