NO reason to be drained by your healing work

Note from Daria ~  Newsletter 10 Jan 2011

Hello Awakener,

I have SO loved spending three weeks with our fans & members in our Holiday Gift Clear Wisdom sessions.  As always, I am impressed and honored by your potential to Awaken the world and create permanent positive change.

On Friday we posted the final call recording.  WOW!  For Kelly, our first caller, I saw intuitively two transformative info products she easily had within her.  (I can’t wait to buy them myself!)

For Heather, the second caller, I tuned into a transformative program she can create right now that helps people make changes they’ve been meaning to make for a while.  (So often we know but don’t do, right?  BIG demand for that one!)

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Are You Drained By Your Healing or Intuitive Work?

One past teacher of mine said always to make sure I ate lots of protein during a healing day of clients.  Another said not to eat any food w/in a couple hours of seeing clients, since the food pulled you away from the esoteric levels.  I’ve learned countless energy protection techniques over the years…

And I don’t use a one.

What I’ve found is that when you’re truly following your calling and expressing your life’s purpose, it’s invigorating and refreshing!  You don’t worry about picking up energies and feeling cruddy afterwards.  You actually feel better after seeing clients than before.

If this isn’t how your practice or business feels, take a good look at how you are working, your attitudes, your clients, what your’e offering, your life’s purpose, and your healing gifts.  Make sure they are all in alignment with who you really are.

We’ll go into this in detail in our member training this month:  Secrets of the Energetically Secure — it’s all about energy protection that really WORKS and how to stop picking up icky energies from people.

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Here’s to you and to your greatest 2011!!  See you on our calls!

Many blessings,

Daria Boissonnas
Founder, Global Institute for Awakening


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