How to grow a brilliant you in the new year

Imagine yourself as a small seed.

Contained in that tiny seed is the complete pattern of the full, complex plant in its greatest fruition. All the fullness of its potential beauty and delight and glory and gifts for the world is already there.  All the information it needs to fulfill its pattern and potential is there.  It lacks nothing in its essence or core pattern.

I also guarantee that a more powerful potential outcome than you can even imagine is in that seed, too.  It’s merely not realized in the physical world… yet.

All you have to do is allow what’s in that seed — the inner wisdom and full innate pattern — to unfold. It already knows how to.  It knows a zillion ways how to.  It has the information.  It has infinite potential.  Your job is simply to assist.

  • To provide the most nurturing environment without suffocating or stunting growth.
  • To exercise and master your ability to help without slowing the process.
  • To build faith and trust in the seed’s potential and to step back and allow it to fulfill its greatest potential.

These are the seven steps of Awakening, which we practice each month here at GIA.  They are so important, we’ve provided a free ebook with more details on how to do those steps!  If you haven’t gotten a copy, sign up for it now at the top of the page.

Start now.  This is the year for your success!

2012 is coming up fast.  But people need you now.  This is the year to learn to step aside, uplevel, and let the seed that is you unfold more quickly into its greatest expression. Here are three steps to get you going:

1. Let go right now and allow the seed to be settled by gravity into its best place.  So often we are so obsessed with finding the “right” place or time that we never begin.

2. Step aside and let the rain soften the soil.  Allow the sun to shine on the growing plant, whatever it looks like in its awkward youth.  All you have is right under your nose… if you can see it.

3. Know that everything is best in the moment.  Trust that everything IS in there already and can emerge.  Trust that you have the power to help the seed within you.  Trust that the inner pattern of the seed knows a million ways to emerge and flower, and it’s hard to get in its way.  And trust that the rain, sun and other resources you need will appear as you need them.  If you find yourself worrying or getting in the way, you can actively work on building this trust.

You are a powerful being, constantly growing and increasingly fulfilling your potential.  May you enjoy many blessings on your exciting journey of growth this year!

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May 2011 the year you finally truly sprout your true purpose to help Awaken the planet! What can you do to start right now?  Take one simple step right now, in the next 10 minutes.