Has your zodiac or astrological sign changed… or what?

It’s been splashed across the news recently that the sun is no longer actually in your astrological sun sign — the one you look up in the newspaper — and hasn’t been for centuries, due to the tilting earth.  Moreover, Babylonian astrologers apparently removed a sign from the zodiac.  Should it be in there?  Should your sign really be where the sun is located, a different sign?  After all, that’s the definition of a sun sign.

Tune in today at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern as Daria Boissonnas, Founder of GIA, interviews professional astrologer and ordained minister Patricia Selmo.  They intend to answer these questions and more, spell out the different astrology systems clearly, and make it all so simple you could explain it to your dog.

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Date: 20 January 2011
Time: noon Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern US time
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About Patricia Selmo

Patricia Selmo is a former Aerospace Engineer turned Interfaith Minister, Life Coach, Astrologer and Energy Healer.  She has over 20 years of experience facilitating, coaching and managing professionals in the corporate environment. She now uses a unique combination of Spiritual Counseling, Ancient Wisdom (or Astrology) and Modern Science (Quantum Physics) to help people who are stuck or wanting more out of life to align with their soul purpose, connect with their Source and live an abundant life – on their own terms!  You can find Patricia at  http://www.TheBlissfulSoul.com

About Daria Boissonnas

Daria Boissonnas has been obsessed with mysteries of the Universe since she a child.  One day in 1997, she heard the first inklings of her higher calling, left her job as a corporate marketing exec, and began investigating and practicing energy healing, much to her surprise.  As she walked her healing path, she discovered she had a gift for healing groups and for helping people awaken to their greatest potential:  to know and use their innate gifts and calling to create permanent positive change in the world.  Today she leads the Global Institute for Awakening which provides the practical steps and wisdom for their many members to fulfill their highest calling in a way that fully supports them.  Enjoy GIA’s free Trail Guide to Awakening goodies for you at http://GIawaken.com.