Inspirational Quote: Answers

“The answers to your questions, dreams, and prayers are limited first by your not asking them.

The second limitation comes from not seeing or accepting the answers in front of you.

The third from not believing the answers came from within you where your capacity to accomplish them already exists.”

     –Daria Boissonnas, Founder, Global Institute for Awakening

Unfortunately, I see these three limitations over and over in my mentoring.  Just came across them yesterday in our astonishing Clear Wisdom calls, which you can listen to free by registering here:   In Clear Wisdom, I tune into the higher consciousness of the client to help them find the most effective efficient way to help Awaken the world.  See if you can hear a little bit of pushback on these calls.  (Extra credit:  figure out which of the three issues each person is having.)

As you Awaken to your life’s purpose, your full capabilities (much greater than you can even imagine right now), and the ease with which you can live a blissful life making permanent positive change in the world… then these limitations disappear.