GIAwaken News: How to Handle Downloads from the Universe

Note from Daria ~ Newsletter 18 Jan 2011

Oh what a week!

Last week was download week for me, and I’m still catching up with reality.  Messages, classes, marketing campaigns, coincidental offers — it all popped in, one after another after another. Almost to overwhelm level.

Have you experienced this yourself?  When your creativity goes crazy, and you become a fountain of ideas?  It’s exciting!  We are each connected to the Pool of All Possibilities, and when we open that connection, we can pull in new, life-enhancing options.  We can make the impossible possible.

Then the BIG question becomes: what do I do about it first?  

Doing something about it is where GIA comes in.  We give you the practical tools and systems to shift that creative fountain of ideas to a well-oiled, enjoyable business, practice or career.

Here’s my favorite first step:  always always write down the idea or insight that came in. This action honors the Source of the idea.  It’s like saying thank you, plus you ARE taking the FIRST STEP to manifesting the concept in the physical/mental world.

I keep a “Brainstorms” file on the computer where I write these down, plus a little notebook in my purse.  A beautiful journal would be delightful.

Another good reason to write them down is that sometimes these download experiences can be like dreams — you may have shifted into an altered state, so when you start operating in the everyday world, the brilliant ideas fade like a dream in the morning.  Though they were earth-shattering, now you can’t remember them.

So write them all down, right away.  Then enjoy sifting thru that Brainstorms file now and again to find insights and ideas you can still use.

Let me know how this strategy goes.  Here’s to you and your highest calling!!

Many blessings,

Daria Boissonnas
Founder, Global Institute for Awakening

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  1. Are all ideas downloads? All ideas come from somewhere. How do you know which is from Source and which is from little ole me?

    • Robin, that is a brilliant question, thank you!

      We are beings of consciousness. Our consciousness is actually a huge spectrum that appears to have different sections, like a rainbow. Each “color” consciousness behaves differently. One section of our conscioussness is logical thought. Another is emotional reactions. Another is intuition.

      Each section is more… or less… connected to Source, the collective consciousness, Infinite Possibility, or the Pool of Unlimited Potential — whatever you want to call that. Intuition: more. Logical thought: less.

      Through meditation or contemplation, you can get better at recognizing these different facets of your consciousness, which is handy because they are each useful in different types of situations!

      Now back to your question. If you are considering specific inputs and draw conclusions based only on thinking about those inputs, I’d say that was a logical thought from lil ole you.

      If you tap your intuition to trigger ideas that you never would have thought of in a million years but are utterly brilliant, that’s a hallmark of a download. That’s what I was experiencing last week, and it really blew me away.

      I thoroughly believe there are millions of solutions or infinite solutions to every problem. Therefore, by sticking to the logical mind we limit our outcomes significantly! At GIA, I teach that we must use our logical navigational mind to implement in the real world the guidance and brilliance we receive from our intuition or higher consciousness. And we must use our higher knowingness to guide our physical/mental lives.

      This cooperation and harmony across our rainbow of consciousness creates a blissful, joyful, meaningful, purposeful life. It allows you to know and fulfill your highest calling. And that creates permanent positive change in the world, also known as healing.