Wide Awake Tip: Good or bad, habits are powerful tools

Habits can be positive or negative.  The word just means something you do so much you’re not conscious of it any more.  The dictionary says a habit is almost involuntary

Wait a sec, not voluntary? Who then is running your life?

Most of us live on poor habits we established in childhood, when we didn’t understand the world well.  These habits are based on flawed information or mistaken conclusions we made, yet we live by them without realizing it.  As an adult, many of these habits create more suffering than they do joy.  A good portion of the healing and consulting work I do with clients clears these old “rules of habit” out to make room for more accurate and positive ones based on the wisdom you’ve gathered in your life.

You can build positive, masterful habits.  Habits that are based on foundational Truths of the Universe, that create more love, service, wisdom and peace.  These positive habits naturally create material and spiritual wealth, money and meaning and, yes, happiness!  (Tho it’s not from the money.)  Naturally, without effort.  They are habits after all.

It only takes 21-30 days to seed a habit.  To create a seed that can grow into a well-established positive way of thinking or being.  A positive way of thinking and being that you default to without thinking.  Would you like to default to thinking wealth, wellness, wisdom and joy?

The more positive habits you have, the more head-room you have to enjoy life.  This is why our membership program gives you the exercises and training to make lifelong habits out of the positive skills and mindsets we practice.  Think how good your life can get with ten new positive habits a year and the support to live by them.  Join us today.