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To give back to our beloved members and fans, we’ve given away six FREE Clear Wisdom intuitive consult calls this month!  Enjoy the magic.  Sign up now to receive the new call-in number as well as access to the recordings and case studies.  (Yes, we’ll be following a couple volunteers as they implement their assignments!)

Our volunteer callers are lined up for Tuesday, 12/28, with questions including:

  • How to start a business
  • Figuring out one’s life purpose
  • Getting a book done
  • And more

You can also hear the audio from Tuesday (12/21), when callers received guidance for:

  • Where to focus in a busy life
  • How to best give back
  • How to improve a relationship
  • Dealing with allergies
  • The strugle of an addiction nobody knows about
  • Where am I blocked to funding and expanding my business? And how do I move thru it?

Besides swimming in inspiration and ideas, when you listen to these calls, you tap into frequencies that can help you break through your own blockages, permanently.  Healing flows through Clear Wisdom sessions, and everyone who listens receives what they need.

What’s Clear Wisdom?

Listen as GIA founder Daria Boissonnas asks the caller’s higher consciousness for the most robust, effective and efficient way they can break their patterns of limitation and reach the goals they seek!  Daria provides five wisdoms in one consult:

  1. 13 years of healing expertise & experience helping folks permanently break through their own barriers
  2. Life purpose expertise to help you know what you are on the planet to do and DO it
  3. Years of business & marketing experience
  4. Spiritual mentoring, helping you understand what’s going on in your life, and your role in the universe
  5. And of course her lifelong empathic, psychic and channeling abilities

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