Lunar eclipse of solstice offers energies that support letting go of the negative and forging your dream life

Tonight, peaking at 3:17am Eastern US time, an unusual total lunar eclipse will bring you the energy pattern of a refresh, a cold reboot, or a total restart.  You can cut cords, upshift your approach to life, and turn over a new leaf more easily now than at other times of year.

Whether you can see the moon or not, you can tap into this energy tonight, and really for about the next three months.  (It’s been building for the last couple months too… have ya noticed?) 

What’s so odd about this eclipse?

This eclipse is unusual because it occurs on the winter solstice, something that hasn’t happened since 1638.   Yet this is its saving grace, too, the gift that turns the tumult of a looney eclipse into a ripe opportunity for awakening.

Yes, this elipse also has a great deal of tumultuous energies around it: of frustration, turmoil, emotional upset, lost details, missed communication, false exaggeration, and worry to name a few.  Your life may be turned upside down during this time, where only later you may recognize the experience as the gift it was. 

Bottom line, with this eclipse, the Universe is offering you the choice to either remain asleep, or to use these energies to awaken.  (Of course, this moon may shake you out of bed awake if you happen to choose the first option!) 

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Decision time!

This is a great time — an easier time — to make decisions.  To make use of all the information you’ve gathered, and build decisions that stick.  Clean and clear decisions that take you out of overwhelm and into your dreams.  Uplevel into your next phase of transformation and don’t look back.  The universe is offering you a great opportunity.  Grab it!

In fact, take a few minutes right now to set your intention on this.  Use “How Can I” and “I Choose to” statements.  (Members, follow or relisten to “How to Find What You’ve Been Missing!” for further powerful manifestation tips you can use.) 

Consider these suggested statements:  
“I choose to gently let go of all that is holding me back. 
I choose to respectfully let go of all that harms me. 
I choose to cut all connections to doubt and fear and indecision.
I choose to know my heart and allow myself to follow it.
I choose to connect more deeply with who I am, my gifts, and how I can make a bigger positive difference.
I choose to move forward in all aspects of my life. 
I choose to step into my Greatest Service and calling, and share my gifts with the world. 
I choose to communicate clearly, and move forward decisively to a better life. 
I choose to appreciate myself and allow myself to succeed brilliantly.” 

Add anything else that occurs to you as you read these statements.

Seeing the eclipse

For a visibility map and start times of all the phases, check out wikipedia.  (Note: photo is from!)