NEW Free Call — A Listening Guide to our FREE “I am a Healer” series of interviews

You have a tremendous power within you — right now — to make a meaningful positive difference in other people’s lives.  To move beyond problems to a place where they simply become irrelevant:  to heal.

Join us as we celebrate our goal of bringing more healing into the world with our groundbreaking FREE interview series — “I Am A Healer”: 100 Inspiring Stories from Ordinary People Who Are Changing the World and How YOU Can Too.  To listen, all you have to do is register.  Then mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 30th at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern.

It doesn’t take much to awaken your natural Inner Healer.  Listen to this information-packed call led by Global Institute for Awakening Founder Daria Boissonnas, and expand your possibilities by learning:

1. What is healing?  (It’s so much more than physical repair of your body!)

2. Why is every person on the planet a natural healer?  (Just how are YOU a healer?)

3. What three main types or styles of healer are there?  (And which is yours?)

4. WHat you need to learn to awaken YOUR inner healer and tap into your own natural abilities to make a BIG meaningful difference

5. What to listen for on the calls.


Register for this interview series right now, and listen to this introductory call with Daria Boissonnas, Founder of the Global Institute for Awakening.