Guest Expert Nov 17: Jacqueline Hadden, Conscious Connector

Ten times a year, members of the Global institute for Awakening hear a fascinating interview with a guest expert in a topic that deepens our spiritual practice focus of the month.   Our current focus is on being of service.  Practicing this awakened attitude helps us get unstuck, move beyond our deepest fears, leapfrog old negative patterns, and create authenticity and genuine healing.  (Yes, it is that powerful!)

Today Daria Boissonnas, Founder of the Global Institute for Awakening, interviewed Jacqueline Hadden, the Conscious Connector.  They discussed a range of issues important to running a heart-based business or healing practice:

  • the ethics of affiliate marketing programs
  • creating long-term business relationships that serve both businesses and especially the customer/client
  • how to spot if someone isn’t right for your company
  • what is a true realized teacher or expert
  • a strategy for networking effectively and what commonly holds people back
  • how to use your natural intuition in business
  • and more!

Members can download the audio any time.

About Jacqueline Hadden

As the Conscious Connector, Jacqueline Hadden is passionate about helping her clients develop authentic connections and long-term relationships with both clients and business associates.  Drawing on more than 25 years’ experience in conscious connection, communication, and conflict resolution, Jacqueline puts it this way:  “I challenge individuals to delve deep into their essence, step out of their uncertainties, and connect with their most authentic and celebrated self.  Yes, you can create ideal, long-lasting relationships with other entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders.  And from there, you can create wealth in both relationships and finances.”

Jacqueline is well-versed in the psychology of interaction, and all aspects of what draws and repels people to and from each other.  But even better, she simply has an intuitive knack for connecting people with their own message and with those they can serve.

Jacqueline lives in Calabasas, California with her husband, two beautiful children, a dog and a bearded dragon.  Her interests include horses, animals, hiking, exercise, dance, music, art, theater, travel, reading, writing, networking events, and of course, people.

Our Fave Quotes from Jacqueline

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“My rule of thumb for myself is that if I have to question it more than once, that’s one time too many.”

‎”If you are coming from the right place, you can’t make the wrong decision.”