Healing Your Finances: October’s Spiritual Practice

Are you as wealthy as you like?  Are you finding true fulfillment and meaning while  exchanging your greatest value with the world and earning as much wealth, wellness & wisdom as you want?

Then perhaps you too can benefit from healing your finances.

For over 12 years as a healer I’ve helped people to let go of the emotional, mental and spiritual issues surrounding money.  Wow, do we have some doozies!  Too many of us think it’s shameful to make lots of money, or pious to suffer with less.  I often hear the famous Bible passage misquoted — for the record, money is not the root of all evil.  The LOVE of money is.  The love of your fancy car and big house.  Loving your stuff to feel better compared to other people.

Here are just three ways that make creating healthy finances (and even getting rich) spiritually OK:

1. Be in Fair Exchange
You can make lots of money by offering your skills and natural gifts to the world in fair exchange. My definition of fair exchange involves both sides receiving more than they give.  How does that work?  Your client pays for a service and receives much more value than they paid.  You work and receive generous compensation for your time and expertise.

For instance, I just helped a client sell their house for $200+K more than the last offer by clearing some mental blockages against receiving so much money.  My fee for this service is roughly $200.  They made an extra $200,000, so they got their value.  It took me about 30 minutes of work, and I have to say, I’m happy to receive $200 for 30 minutes of work!

2. Be Authentically You

What is authenticity?  It means you are sharing your true gifts with the world, not offering what you think everyone wants to experience of you.  It means letting your unique light shine and being transparent about your quirks.  In business or life, authenticity in has the same seven attributes as a healing action from a Creative Healer:

1. Based on compassion.  You know how people feel and you want to help.

2. In loving detachment.  You aren’t invested in the outcome.

3. No expectation or need of return.  Not expecting a certain reaction from anyone.

4. You connect to the highest potential in the situation.  You make the effort and use your expertise to hold only the greatest thoughts and intentions.

5. Enables and empowers positive change.   It’s truth-based and thinks bigger than the “problem” addressed.  (It comes from the healer’s mindset!  This we teach!)

6. Not in ego.  No need to be soothed, admired, exalted, put on a pedestal.

7. Committed to help others.  Walk your talk.  Roll up your sleeves and put your muscle where your mouth is.

3. Give Aways
I charge a lot for my services due to the effectiveness and quick results of my work, my years of experience, and my unique viewpoints on healing and the mindset of the master healer.  But I always make room each month for a few giveaways, where I meet for free for 15 minutes with people who believe they can’t afford my services.  I have dreams and plans to expand my philanthropy as the Global Institute for Awakening grows, too.

Please give away your money in a healthy way, however.  Don’t resent the giveaway.  Don’t give with strings — let go of how you think it should be spent.  And don’t give money away because you feel guilty about having it.  Your value in this world is absolutely priceless.  You deserve an abundance of everything there is, including money.

More Help with Money, Life Mastery & Healing Mastery

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