Clarity and Mother Meera

On Thursday I made the 3-hour drive to Oak Park, IL (Chicago) to see the nondenominational Mother Meera and receive a blessing from her.  Some say she is an avatar — a holy, enlightened being walking the earth.  While I’ll let you decide that for yourself, I do know she is a powerful healer and a realized spiritual teacher.  Personally, I have experienced transformative upshifts after each visit with her, and I’m so grateful she occasionally stops in just 3 hours from my home. 

Her process is simple and brief, and done in complete silence with a crowd of a couple hundred people.  When it’s your turn, you kneel in front of her (or sit in a chair, as you are able) and she gently holds your head for a few seconds.  When she lets go, you sit back and gaze into her eyes for a few more seconds.  When she looks down, she’s done. 

That’s it.  Just a few seconds. 

The power and briefness of this process remind me that healing processes don’t have to take a long time or be difficult to be profound and effective.  Needing complexity (and, I’ll say it, drama) is a characteristic of human ego.  It’s powerful to simply sit in the room with her and receive.

Whether you consider yourself a healer or not, your greatest natural gift is to make life easier and better for yourself and others.  I believe we could all benefit from reminding ourselves regularly that this process doesn’t have to be hard or dramatic to be effective. 

This time, I brought back a profound sense of peace.  I am letting it flow through me into everything I do, and it is bringing astonishing clarity with it!  Perhaps you can take a moment right now to share this deep peace with me.  🙂

More Info about Mother Meera

Located in Germany, Mother Meera travels the world regularly.  Public darshan is free, though you have an opportunity to donate and buy some products — all you have to do is register ahead of time.  Find out more about Mother Meera’s current North American tour schedule here:  Get on their email list and they’ll let you know when she’s coming back.