New Workshop: How to Find What You’ve Been Missing

Level: All — Explorers, Healers, and Leaders
Format:  Three teleclasses 

Dates: Wednesdays, Sept 22, 29, and Oct 6
Time: 11am Pacific, 12 noon Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern US
Duration: 60 mins, but please leave 30 mins afterwards for finishing exercises & reflecting

Description:  What really drives you in your heart of hearts, and how can you apply this knowledge in your everyday life?  Uncover what’s been missing all your life and exactly how to find it.  

Take a big step towards personal bliss and living with purpose!  Join us at any time during or after the class to upgrade how you approach living your life.

Class 1 (live on September 22): 

  • Learn what’s been missing when you’ve felt empty, and why most people can’t find it.
  • Discover what does NOT fill that void, and what does, and why.
  • Learn the single most powerful way to succeed at anything, and how to avoid the surprisingly common big mistake that zaps it.  Learn the secret nobody else teaches to making this technique work brilliantly!
  • Take the first step to discover for yourself what’s been missing in your life.
  • Understand the mindset of the healer, why it’s the ultimate mindset of success, and begin developing it.

Instructor:  Daria Boissonnas, Founder, Global Institute for Awakening

Price:  $125 for nonmembers
(FREE for members this year, so join as a member for just $175 here!)

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  1. Oh, I am so happy this is free for members!!! Can’t wait, Daria!