The Director’s Notebook, newsletter Sept 2010

Dear Brilliant Soul,

Hello!  I’m back from three hot and muggy days in San Antonio, Texas — what a contrast to the cool dry air I gratefully met coming back home to Wisconsin.

But contrast is important.  Traveling falls under Task #3 of Awakening: Explore the World.  Either you discover something new out there that’s better, or you more deeply appreciate what you already have. Good stuff either way!

In San Antonio, I spent half a day with my brillliant business mentor Sheri McConnell planning out the rest of the exciting year for us.  Then I enjoyed two days of creative, entrepreneurial brainstorming with Sheri and six other big-thinking business owners who are changing the world.

Here we are in a group photo — I’m on the far left!

I love this group and I love belonging to a mastermind.  It’s so important for you to get out in the world and commune with other world- changers at your level, as well as with mentors who are far ahead of you.  This is what helps YOU expand and step into fully sharing your gifts with the world.  (And we need you!)

My investment in this program has changed my life in ways that will benefit me for the rest of it.  These souls have given me a safe, loving testing ground for examining and growing the big ideas that have been bubbling up inside me for years.

How about you?  Are you holding yourself back because of fear, doubt, or not wanting to disturb those around you? Don’t worry about the colleagues, friends, or clients who won’t come with you when you expand.  It’s difficult, but just bless them.  Honoring your own personal expansion and potential will make it easier for them to catch up with you.  It will create a space for them to expand into.

Otherwise, you will keep both of you small, and serve no one.

I founded the Global Institute for Awakening to help you make exactly this kind of leap: to step out of your comfort zone and explore your fullest Potential.  I know doing this changes the world.  And your world.  Please let us know how else we can help you live your dreams and share your gifts for the world:  email us at!

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Spring is not the only time it blossoms around here.  I look forward to supporting you as you bloom and share your full, unique brilliance with the world!

Daria Boissonnas
Founder, Global Institute for Awakening