Keep drugs out of the water supply: dispose of drugs safely tomorrow at National Take-Back Day

“Having leftover drugs around the house is a significant safety risk and, in some cases, fosters prescription drug abuse and fuels black market trade.  However, throwing drugs away in the home or flushing them down the toilet can result in water contamination.  A 2002 U.S. Geological Survey study of 139 bodies of water in 30 states found that over 80 percent of the water samples were contaminated by personal care products, including prescription drugs.”

“This Saturday, September 25, Wisconsinites can safely dispose of their leftover and unwanted prescription drugs at one of over 85 collection points throughout our state as part of National Take-Back Day.  National Take-Back Day will provide Americans with a safe and effective way for getting prescription drugs out of their homes, where they can pose a risk to children and families.”

“To find a collection site near you, go to and type in your zip code.”

–Excerpts from a note this week from Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl