Letting GO is a crucial skill to living a happy, productive life: Practice with us this month

Mastering life — and therefore mastering healing and problem-solving so you can live a great life you love — is all about understanding attachment and detachment.  It’s about letting GO appropriately.

Imagine you are a complex electronic device with a zillion cords coming out of you.  Your entire spiritual journey is about deciding what to plug into, and what to detach from.  And when. 

That’s the bottom line.  This activity actually defines who you are and what you can do in the world.  It definitely affects how yummy it is to live your daily life!

Your life’s journey is about deciding what is appropriate to be connected to, and what is harmful to connect to.  For example:

  • What beliefs you should plug into
  • What moment in time you enjoy attaching to (“now” is highly recommended by sages)
  • What friends and colleagues to surround yourself with
  • What issues you should let go of, repair or strengthen.

To do that well, it helps to learn how to easily sense or judge what connections will move you forward on your spiritual journey, and which ones are holding you back and even causing you pain. 

This month, our members are focusing on exercising that exact spiritual “muscle”!

Our member training right now is to focus your spiritual or self-improvement practice on recognizing harmful attachments and letting them GO.

Since we humans easily numb out to our pain, letting go is a crucial skill to have in your spiritual toolbox! 

The more easily, perceptively and sooner you can let go, the easier your life’s journey — not to mention you can save great emotional and financial expense as well as time along your way!

What Is Attachment?

Attachment is a natural energetic process all living beings do in order to exchange information.  In 12 years of energy healing, I’ve seen that conscious, living beings create energy bridges to communicate.  (And let me tell you, a heck of a lot more information goes across energetic connections than verbal or visual ones!) 

After you connect to another form of consciousness, whether a person or idea or system, then repeated communication builds a stronger connection.  Over time, energetic connections are built on many levels.  They become so complex they can be difficult to break.

Yet, after the communication is over, for instance after a relationship ends, these connections naturally fade.  They may be painful at first.  We have to adjust to them not being there.  We must change our habits of thinking and being to create new energy bridges that function similarly.  It’s hard.  But this fading process is natural and one of the reasons for the adage, “Time heals all wounds.”  

Sometimes, however, for reasons we may or may not be aware of, we hang on to a connection or energy bridge inappropriately.  The time has passed, the other person has moved on, or the belief is no longer appropriate. 

When we hang on to something beyond its expiration date… it starts to stink.  (Hadja noticed?)

In order to artificially halt the natural fading of this energy connection, you have to feed it energy, sometimes LOTS of daily energy.  You might use negative emotions to charge up that connection and keep it alive!  Ouch.

When we hold an attachment inappropriately, several things can happen, none of which are health- and happiness-inducing in my opinion.  Practicing letting go can help you eliminate this sort of thing from your life:

  • Negative drama
  • Fatigue
  • Environmental clutter
  • Physical clutter (energy of illness, toxins, parasites, cysts…)
  • Emotional clutter
  • Mental clutter
  • Spiritual clutter (do you know exactly what you are here to do?)
  • Repeating lessons and not learning
  • Expense of time and money as you run in circles
  • Not fully supporting yourself
  • Poor finances

Let’s Let Go, Together

That’s why an important part of spiritual traditions involve exercises or practices to break the older, outdated attachments while creating and strengthening positive, life-enhancing attachments.

Please join us this month — join us as a member and save $50 through the end of August — and work on mastering this valuable skill.  Practicing letting go will contribute to the amount of grace and ease you can experience via your health, happiness and daily life.  Our program makes it easy, and we don’t tell you what to believe.  Let’s practice cutting those old attachments together!  You can do this.

“How poor are they that have not patience! 
What wound did ever heal but by degrees?” 
— William Shakespeare