Are you dreaming BIG enough?

By Donna Kozik, guest writer

Most of us were taught we should be happy and thankful for what we have.  I agree — gratitude is a key element of happiness.  Most of us were told as children that there are many others who are far less fortunate than us.  I agree — there are many whose lives are a daily struggle just to survive and meet the most basic of needs.

I believe our parents had good intentions by teaching us those things.  They wanted us to grow up to be happy, grateful and unselfish people.  They didn’t want us to be greedy and unappreciative.  But many of them — through no fault of their own — didn’t balance those lessons out with the permission or encouragement we needed to grow up and DREAM BIG.

Consequently, many of us are afraid to be successful, to be rich, or to even think BIG — because it’s in contradiction to much of our core conditioning.  The majority of us don’t even realize we’ve been programmed to expect less and demand less from life.  And often those of us who do give ourselves permission to dream just stay comfortable with the dream and never really take the steps to turn those dreams into reality.

Now there’s no point and no time to waste being angry with your parents.  They did the best they could with what they knew and with whatever conditioning they endured. I only bring this to your attention in case you’re one of the people who have been lulled into settling for less or into thinking small. By being aware of it, you can begin to change it.

Life, by its very nature, is designed to grow, to evolve and to become more than it started out as.  You do not need to worry that having your fair share will prevent another from having theirs.  There is more than enough success, money, food and anything else you can imagine to go around.

Is it nice to share?  You bet.  Is it good energy to spread your good fortune around?  You bet.  But let’s be clear about one thing  — the universe loves it when you dream big and think big.  One tree’s largeness does not prevent any other trees from growing big.

Recently I took part in #WriteChat (Sunday afternoons on Twitter).  I got into a conversation with an aspiring author who is sending out his manuscript to not one, not five but to a hundred agents at once.  Good for him!

First there’s the practical.  Don’t you agree he’s bound to get a better agent pursuing 100 versus five?  (When’s the last time you “went big” in pursuing more pages written?  More prospective clients contacted?)  Then, there’s the energy he’s bringing his book project.  No sitting home alone and “woe is me” going on there — he’s taking action and making relationships.  Something good — probably even better than he initially imagined — is bound to happen!

So why not challenge yourself to begin expanding your horizons right this very minute?  Imagine more, not less.  Think bigger, not smaller.  And open yourself up to abundance and opportunities.

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