How to do something that’s good for you, even when you are dragging your feet

I used to avoid exercising.  I could not make myself do it.  Have you been in the same boat with self-improvement or resolving a certain problem?

Yes, I had the treadmill that slid under the bed.  I had weights and tapes.  But they gathered dust, and I loaded up on the guilt.  I wanted the results (fitness, health, self-confidence, a hot body) but I didn’t want to go through the process.

When I decided it was really, really time to get in shape, I found a shortcut.  I found a way to make it easy: I took a class.  (A martial arts class, but that’s not the important point.)

While I could not make myself exercise at home, I could drag myself to a class and do what the teacher said.  Classes had other benefits: beginners like me to comiserate with, advanced students to ask for tips, and intensive weekend classes with national-level teachers to learn special routines.  Yeah, I was sore for the first while, but all of us beginners were.  It was funny and we bonded.  It wasn’t so bad.

After about 8 months, the results of consistently going to classes started to become clear.  Consistency is a huge key to success.  When you show up, things happen, even when it doesn’t seem like it at first.  You have to get the momentum going energetically.  Consistency tones and strengthens your energy system and helps you make change.  Without doing anything extra, I started dropping weight.  Eventually I whittled down to size 6, which I hadn’t been since coming up through the sizes in early high school.  Wow, was that fun!

The Formula for Success

To get unstuck doing something good for yourself that you are resisting:

1.  Commit to a quality program that takes you to your goal, even if you can’t commit to yourself.  Find a wise teacher and a great place you’re excited about.  Pay enough so you want to get to classes.  Show up and let the teacher take it from there.

Tip:  Please don’t let this be the class you take to distract you from your misery.  Let it really help.  Where are you stuck in your life?  Take a look at your top 5 frustrations and miseries.  Think about what you need to break through them.  Ask friends, make a list, find places that do that.  You are worth it!

2. Keep showing up.  Even when you can’t see the results, they are building.  Your body, mind, and energy is rearranging itself.  Each time you go to class (or meditate or take those vitamins or…), you reinforce to yourself that you are the kind of person that does that, easily and regularly.  It WILL pay off.

Tip:  Make a cool chart and check off the classes so you can see your progress!  Mark on your calendar when you do the exercises so that you can see and appreciate all your work!  Track your meditation time and add it up.

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