**NEW** FREE CALL Series to celebrate our launch *** “I am a Healer”: 100 Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People Who Are Changing the World and How You Can Too

When you want to succeed at anything, the best advice is to find someone who has already succeeded, and do what they did!  Transform yourself by resonating with each of our guests for 30+ minutes. We are pleased to announce our first two Healers are Bee Jimpson and Sheri McConnell!

Live your life from a mindset of possibility like our guests are doing.  Let this new series further awaken your powerful innate ability to solve problems, think outside the box, operate authentically from the heart, and create BIG positive change on the planet!

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Healer #1  |  13 August 2010, 8am Pacific / 9am Mountain / 10am Central / 11am Eastern US time

Bee Jimpson  ~  The Next Sense
Professional Healer, Intuitive, and Intuition Teacher

Bee was raised in a culturally mixed home (Egyptian, Spanish, European and Quechua) in Argentina where traditional or folk healing was commonly used.  It wasn’t until much later in her life, however, that she stepped into her own power as a healer.  Today Bee travels the world to mentor other healers (including me) and teach people how to accept and truly use their intuition.  Join us to hear about her powerful journey!


Healer #2  |  13 August 2010, 11am Pacific / noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern US time

Sheri McConnell  ~  Smart Women’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Learning
Author, Millionaire Business Coach, and Mom of 4

Sheri helps women start and grow membership-based businesses to attain financial independence, so they can make powerful life decisions from a place of abundance and balance, not from a place of poverty, fear, doubt, and “what if”.  As you might guess, she has recovered from being in that position too many times herself.  Today, she is the author of  Smart Women Know Their “Why” – A Guide for Discovering Your Life Purpose While Owning a Business So You Can Create Positive Change in the World (and Make Big Profits!)  Join us to hear Sheri’s powerful story of healing and how she helps others today.  (P.S. She is my business coach this year for the Institute.)